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APSA Safety First Program Overview

Safety First Logo v2 APSA


For additional information about the Safety First Program contact Safety Program Manager Cory DeArmitt



The purpose of the Safety First Program is to eliminate accidents by building a communications network that reaches out to all APSA members on safety and related issues. The program is all-inclusive, and addresses chief officers, unit managers, safety officers and aircrews. Safety First takes a proactive approach that makes safety an integral part of every organization’s culture, not just a separate program.

  1. Standards
    Standards are the foundation for what we do and how we do it. APSA’s standards can be accessed here.
  2. Commitment
    Every member needs to buy into Safety First, and commit to making safety our highest priority.
  3. Focus
    Safety must consciously become part of everything we do. We must each keep our eyes on the ball.
  4. Training
    Each person should receive the training necessary to perform his/her job in a safe and effective manner. The Safety First Program recognizes that training for Unit Managers and Safety Officers is essential.
  5. Assessment
    We must continually assess safety issues relating to both operations and support functions, and develop and implement procedures that help prevent mishaps.
  6. Recognition
    There is an APSA Flight Safety Recognition Program that will recognize benchmarks in flight hours without accidents.


There is a monthly newsletter. It will include information about accidents and incidents, safety bulletins, safety studies, training materials, safety audits, and other safety related information. The Safety First newsletter is available to members of APSA as part of their membership. If you are not a member, join APSA today to receive the Safety First newsletter.

Safety First Program Resources

Safety Program Manager Presentations

Download PowerPoint presentations.

IHST Maintenance Toolkit

The Maintenance Tool Kit is intended to provide helicopter operators with a framework of guidance material to ensure that they can safely maintain their aircraft in airworthy readiness for operations in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Safety Management System (SMS) Toolkit

The SMS Installation Guide v2015 and Toolkit (historical) is a compilation of best practices and solutions from small, medium, and large law enforcement organizations. The Toolkit is intended to assist organizations in achieving their desired safety performance objectives while allowing them to choose the best way to reach that outcome.

Safety Management System (SMS) Resources

A list of Safety Management Systems Resources and Links.

SMS "Read-Me-First" for SMS Pilot Project Participants and Voluntary Implementation of Organization SMS Programs.

2009 IHST Training and Flight Data Monitoring Toolkits

The Flight Data Monitoring and Training Toolkits are the work products of the International Helicopter Safety Team. APSA is a member of the IHST that has produced these toolkits, as well as the Safety Management System Toolkit, as part of the helicopter industry's effort to reduce accidents by 80 percent by the year 2016.

Questions or comments are encouraged and should be directed to APSA’s Safety Program Manager Cory DeArmitt at:

Joint Helicopter Safety Analysis Team Year 2000 Report

The Joint Helicopter Safety Analysis Team (JHSAT) conducted an in-depth study of 197 helicopter accidents that occurred in the year 2000. This study resulted in several recommendations to the helicopter community at large and specifically to law enforcement. This report is a valuable tool that all law enforcement aviation organizations can use in their safety programs to eliminate accidents. This study is ongoing and the year 2001 accidents are currently being analyzed.

Safety Management System (SMS) PowerPoint Presentation

This Presentation prepared by Keith Johnson, contains the latest information on the Safety Management System (SMS) along with a complete synopsis of the APSA ‘Safety First’ Program and updated information on law enforcement accident statistics since 1999.

Safety Posters

Every unit will receive a safety poster every three months to help in staying focused on safety. The posters will have different themes that address how to eliminate accidents. You can click here to view and download posters as they become available.

Safety Articles from Air Beat Magazine

The following articles have appeared in Air Beat Magazine.

Safety related videos
US Navy Underwater Egress Training
An opportunity to train with the US NAVY doing underwater egress training.
Click here to download the instructions and forms needed to participate.
To see what you can expect from participating in this program, click here.