New Unit Start-Up

Welcome to what we think is a good first step in your efforts to create or expand a law enforcement aviation operation.

The Airborne Public Safety Association has collected a representative cross-section of documents and other things that should help you in your research and reporting activities. Scientific research projects, justification documentation, project proposals, incorporation documents and other similar things are available for you to use in whatever fashion best suits the needs of your government. Obviously, the more homework you do prior to forwarding a start-up or expansion proposal, the better your chances at success. For that reason, it is important that you consider what is available herein as a precursor to more research and investigation.

Other APSA offerings and individual members are available to assist you. APSA professional courses, seminars and conferences provide a vast amount of information that will prove invaluable in your efforts. Networking with the Professional and Corporate membership will grow your knowledge base and suggest additional avenues to travel as you prepare your work product. Coming full circle, the APSA people you interact with will undoubtedly offer to assist in proofing your early drafts in an effort to ensure what you propose is "doable."

We stand ready to help you in any way possible. Our goal is to see airborne law enforcement operations grow worldwide. To achieve that goal, we continue to seek improvement in this kit. We appreciate your criticism and input to make this kit more valuable to future users.

Thank you for your interest in the law enforcement aviation industry.

Daniel B. Schwarzbach
Executive Director/CEO

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APSAC Air Unit Accreditation Program

The Accreditation Program is designed to objectively evaluate and certify a law enforcement air unit’s overall compliance with the standards for air units as developed and adopted by the APSAC and APSA.

Public Use Aircraft 130kb

The Public Aircraft Issues Resource Book was designed to help you better understanding the complex issues dealing with the operation of public aircraft.  It includes FAA Advisory Circulars, various articles, public laws, FAA interpretations and associated documents to assist the student in better.

checklist (pdf) 32kb
checklist (doc) 80kb

This is a basic outline of the issues usually addressing the course of organizing a law enforcement aviation unit.

starting (pdf) 13kb
starting (doc) 35kb

"Law & Order" article by Richard D. Morrison

questions (pdf) 24kb
questions (doc) 32kb

Questions most asked about helicopters utilized in law enforcement.

feasibility (pdf) 26kb
feasibility (doc) 67kb

A brief report concerning the feasibility of the use of helicopters in the Columbus Division of Police.

eyes (pdf) 15 kb
eyes (doc) 44kb

"Law & Order" article by Tom Yates

how-to (pdf) 9kb
how-to (doc) 28kb

Outline intended to serve as a guide for starting a new airborne law enforcement unit. This information is an accumulation of data that is based on the actual experiences of several successful, new airborne units.

sop_toc (pdf) 11kb
sop_toc (doc) 28kb

Table of contents for sample Air Unit Standard Operating Procedures.

sop (pdf) 342kb
sop (doc) 380kb

Sample Air Unit Standard Operating Procedures.