Sample Unit Manuals

Some manuals have been "sanitized" to remove any direct reference to the originating agency. Others have been left completely unedited at the request of the submitting agency.

Remember! These are examples which need to be adapted to your agency's specific mission, equipment, and personnel.

We are always looking for more samples. If you have a copy of your agency's operations manual on disk and would like to share it with others, please contact our webmaster.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Aviation Section Flight Operations Manual - January 2008 - PDF (140 KB)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Air Services
NVG SOPs Version 3 - PDF (1.0 mb)

Your County Sheriff's Department
Pre-Accident Plan - PDF (46 kb)

UK Police Air Operations Manual
CAP612 - actual air ops manual - PDF (1.0 mb)
CAP613 - template for ops manual development - PDF (6.4 mb)

Columbus Police Department Helicopter Section
Jurisdiction Population: 705,000+ 
Area: 200+ Sq. Miles 
Agency Size: 1,500+ sworn 
Unit Size: 18 Officers
Aircraft: 5

Operations Manual - PDF (325 kb)


Talon Police Department
Jurisdiction Population: 500,000+ 
Area: 400+ Sq. Miles 
Agency Size: 900+ sworn 
Unit Size: 6 Officers 
Aircraft: 2

Standard Operating Procedures - PDF (90 kb)

St. Louis Metro Police
TFO Training Program - PDF (133 kb)
TFO Standardized Evaluation Guidelines - PDF (46 kb)
TFO Daily Evaluation Form - PDF (13 kb)
TFO Task Sheets - PDF (17 kb)

Curryville County Sheriff's Department
Jurisdiction Population: 2,700,000+ 
Area: 4,200+ Sq. Miles 
Agency Size: 3,4000+ sworn & non-sworn 
Unit Size: 10-15 
Aircraft: 5 

Policies and Procedures Manual - PDF (53 kb)
Standard Operating Procedures Manual - PDF (155 kb)