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Searchable Databases

Public Databases

  • 2007 Census of Law Enforcement Aviation Units (CLEAU) PDF
    This report is based on data from the 2007 Census of Law Enforcement Aviation Units (CLEAU), which collected information on the characteristics, expenditures, equipment, personnel, functions, and training and safety requirements of aviation units found in law enforcement agencies with 100 or more sworn officers. The CLEAU is the first nationwide study to examine the nature and extent of airborne law enforcement. 
  • APSA’s Fallen Hero Memorial 
    Contains eulogies and photographs of over 385 airborne law enforcement heroes, who have made the ultimate sacrifice to "To Serve, Save and Protect from the Air". To be included in this memorial, the decedent must have died as a direct result of their assignment as aircrew in an airborne law enforcement mission of any kind, anywhere in the world, sworn or civilian, whether or not they were members of the Airborne Public Safety Association. 

Member's Only Databases

 Note the member's only databases require members to be logged in.

  • APSA's Unit Operations Database
    The Unit Ops database is the world's largest online database dedicated solely to airborne law enforcement information. Access to this database is restricted to APSA members only.
  • APSA's Online Individual Membership Database
    Allows members to quickly access contact information on over 2,800 airborne law enforcement professionals and vendors throughout the world. This networking tool is invaluable when members need immediate answers to questions facing their operation. 
  • APSA's Online Corporate Member Directory 
    Contains more 250 companies throughout the world who provide goods and service to the airborne public safety industry. 
  • APSA's Flight Pay Database
    Is an interactive database of over 144 agencies and the details of their special assignment pay (if any) for their aviators. Access to this database is restricted to APSA members only.
  • APSA Public Safety Accident Database
    Allows members to search over 150 LE mishaps by agency, aircraft or probable cause.
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