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Awards, Scholarships & Citations

THROUGH MAY 12, 2023


For over fifty years, the Airborne Public Safety Association has encouraged the highest standards of professionalism in public safety aviation by acknowledging outstanding performance within our specialized industry.  Through the Awards & Scholarships Program of the Airborne Public Safety Association, we recognize excellence by our members, their children and others whose actions have had a positive impact on our profession through awards, scholarships and citations.

Annually, APSA presents seven (7) awards, sponsored by some very special corporate members, which recognize outstanding performance by our members and others in public safety aviation.  The winners of these awards epitomize our motto, 'To Serve, Save and Protect from the Air'.  As an added bonus, each award winner also receives a complimentary conference course of their choice, including registration, for the following year's conference.

Additionally, this year APSA provides eighteen (18) scholarships totaling $44,000 to recognize the academic excellence of our members' children.  APSA funds twelve (12) regional scholarships, which provide $2,500 to each recipient.  The remaining six (6) scholarships, like our awards, are funded through the generosity of some very special APSA supporters, providing $1,500 to $2,500 to each recipient.

APSA also presents the President Emeritus Citation, the President's Citation and the Broken Wing Citation to deserving individuals as appropriate.


Award Information

Scholarship Information

Past Award Winners & Scholarship Recipients

President Emeritus Citation Information

President’s Citation Information

Broken Wing Citation Information 


Questions regarding the APSA awards, scholarships and citations should be directed to APSA Executive Director/CEO, Dan Schwarzbach at or 301-631-2406.

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