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PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019 | Exhibit / Sponsor

PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019, produced by the Airborne Public Safety Association, brings public safety UAS operators, administrators and technicians to one location for a week-long educational and networking event that you won’t want to miss.

Exhibitors can showcase their latest products and services and reach the aviation unit decision makers and end-users.  More than ever, modern public safety aviation professionals must depend on technological advances to optimize operations.  Better ways to accomplish various missions are continually being developed. A viable aviation operation is not a luxury - it's a necessity!

Decision-making managers, supervisors and aviation personnel will have the opportunity to interface with you, the supplier, during the exhibit hall hours (October 8 - 10). APSA is the only organization bringing all of these key players together! The prospectus highlights what you need to know to be a part of the PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019 in Columbus, OH.


Exhibitor Benefits:

  • 8'x8' Turnkey Booth, including 8' Backdrape; 36" Sidedrape; 6' Draped Table; Chair; Sign; and 10 amp electrical service.
  • Company listing in the official Expo Guide, online and event app
  • Allotment of two (2) exhibitor badges AND two (2) exhibit hall guest passes
  • Promotional Toolkit

To register for exhibit space, please complete the Contract for Exhibit Space located in the PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019 Exhibitor Prospectus (PDF) and return to Emily Tarr at or fax to 301-631-2466. 



PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019 Floorplan / Exhibitor List



Exhibitor Registration 



Booth Personnel
(Included in Allotment)


Booth Personnel
(After Allotment)

$               50

Exhibit Hall Guest Pass
(Included in Allotment)


Exhibit Hall Guest Pass
(After Allotment)

$               50

EXPO 1-Day Pass

$               75




Tom Coccia is the official contractor for Public Safety Drone Expo 2019

Contact:  Tom Coccia

100 Industrial Park Road
Hingham, MA  02043-4313
P  781-741-5900
F  781-741-5902


Approximately three (3) months prior to PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019, an Exhibitor's Service Kit will be mailed and/or emailed to each exhibitor.  This packet will include all necessary information and forms regarding: shipping of displays; display rental; floor coverings; telephone and internet services; electrical service and utilities; furniture and accessories; etc. 


Insurance Requirements 

In consideration for the opportunity to display services and products at the PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019, Exhibitor, its officers, directors, agents and insurers, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless APSA, its officers, directors, contractors, employees and agents and the convention facility, its governmental entity, agents and employees, from any loss, injury, suit, action or cause of action, or claim whatsoever resulting from any incident, accident, fire, theft or any claim or loss to any person claiming loss or injury, including any loss or damage to property of Exhibitor, its employees, agent or subcontractors, loss or injury to any manufacturer's demonstration participants, their employees, agents, guests and general public. Said indemnification and agreement to hold harmless, APSA and the convention facility, as aforesaid, shall include reimbursement for any costs, expenses and reasonable attorney's fees incurred by indemnities. Further, any claim of damage to the property of the convention facility resulting in the immediate assessment of damages against APSA from any act or omission of Exhibitor, its agents, employees, contractors and subcontractors, shall be immediately paid or assumed by Exhibitor.

As a standard requirement for all of our show exhibitors, it is necessary for you to carry commercial general liability coverage from an A-Rated insurance company in good standing with minimum policy limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. Said commercial general liability insurance must be in force during the exhibition dates of the event, October 7 - 10, 2019. The Certificate of Insurance must also list as additionally insured:

  • Airborne Public Safety Association, Inc., its Agents, Officers, Directors and Employees; and
  • Hyatt Regency Columbus Hotel, its Owners, Management Company, Officers, Directors, and Employees.

For your convenience, APSA has made arrangements with Rainprotection Insurance, to provide the minimum insurance requirements for just $84.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE EXHIBITOR INSURANCE FOR JUST $84.

Please visit for more information.



Demonstrations are permitted at PUBLIC SAFETY DRONE EXPO 2019, within the confines of your exhibit space and in a Netted Space.  Operational Constraints as follows:

  • Electric and/or battery-operated vehicles only.
  • Emergency-stop equipped and enabled.
  • Must be operated by exhibitor, within a netted area and contained within your contracted exhibit space.
  • Areas are located on the exhibit hall floor, therefore communications management (Wireless networks and radios) are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Dedicated frequencies, time, or space will not be provided. GPS is not guaranteed.
  • APSA is not responsible for damage to or malfunction of any unmanned system.


Advertising Opportunities


Program Guide
(Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, Back Cover)

$       500

Program Guide
(Full Page Ad)
$       350
Expo Bag Inserts $       200
Hotel Key Cards $       TBD

Sponsorship Opportunities


Course Sponsorship

$      5000 

Course Water/Coffee Service (2 Days) $      1000
Opening Reception $      5000
Opening Reception Drink Coupons (per 10 coupons) $        100
EXPO Bags $      2000




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