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2020 Advanced Public Safety Drone Operations Course | Online

The Advanced Public Safety Drone Operations Course was developed for all aspects of public safety and will provide the student with the latest information and tools to enhance their existing public safety drone unit.  The course will include topics on tactical operations, unmanned and manned operations (risk mitigation), safety, operating to standards, fire service operations, law enforcement operations, SAR operations, digital media evidence, training issues and other topics beyond the basic operation of a drone unit.  The course will be instructed by experts in public safety aviation drone operations.  This course is intended for public safety personnel, researching the feasibility in starting a drone unit In addition, the course is intended for management and supervisory public safety personnel who may oversee such a unit.
Maximum Enrollment:  90

If you experience any issues with online registration, please contact our office at 301-631-2406 or email Benay Osborne. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - Thursday, November 5, 2020 // 1100 - 2000 Daily (EST)



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Registration Cost: $150/Person

Educational Agenda | 2020 Advanced Public Safety
Drone Operations Course
 (Updated 09/10/20)

Please call our office at 301-631-2406 for assistance.  All attendees must be registered to participate.

If you are not a member, but would like to join our association and secure the member registration rates, visit our membership page.


Dudley Crosson, PhD
Owner, Delta-P, Inc. / APSA Aeromedical Liaison

Doug Daniels
Highland County (OH) Sheriff's Office

Tony DeMolina
Tactical Drone Concepts, Inc.

Al Frazier
APSA Unmanned Aircraft Systems Subject Matter Expert / Georgetown University

Matthew King
Cass County (ND) Sheriff’s Office

Andrew Klane
Forensic Mapping Solutions, Inc.

Scott Mlakar
Assistant Fire Chief, Willoughby (OH) Fire Department

Don Shinnamon
Unmanned Safety Institute / Chief of Police (Ret.), Port St. Lucie (FL) Police Department

Jaime Stirling
SAR-1, Inc.

Bryan Smith 
Chief Pilot, Pinellas County (FL) Sheriff's Office Flight Unit / APSA Safety Program Manager

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