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NIST - sUAS Standard Test Methods - Train-the-Trainer Virtual Class

APSA's National Institute of Standards and Technology;
sUAS Standard Test Methods – Train-the-Trainer Virtual Class



March 5, 2021 // 1400 - 1800 EST


Zoom Webinar

Class Description:

With the Covid-19 pandemic suppressing traditional face-to-face classes, APSA and NIST have teamed to offer an online version of the academic portion of the NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods Train-the Trainer Course. NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods provide a turn-key solution to sUAS equipment evaluation and can provide a practical skills evaluation intended to “raise the Part 107 bar” for agencies wishing to certify their sUAS pilots. While lacking the hands-on aspects of an in-person course, the abbreviated course will include briefings on: Overview of NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods; fabrication of test apparatus; test lane layout; and test lane scoring. Information provided in the course will be sufficient to enable participants to start implementing the NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods. A short follow-up session will be held approximately two-weeks after the course to answer any questions and to discuss participant progress in implementing the standards.



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All attendees must be registered to participate.

Instructor Bio:

APSA sUAS Liaison

Alan Frazier is a 40-year law enforcement veteran having served in federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. He currently serves as a senior fellow at Georgetown University where he assigned full time to NIST.  The majority of his law enforcement career was spent with the Glendale, California Police Department where he held a wide variety of assignments including SWAT-Hostage Negotiations Element and Air Support Unit supervisor. He recently retired from his positions as a sergeant with the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department, where he supervised the Northeast Region UAS Unit, and as an associate professor at the University of North Dakota where he taught aviation courses. Alan holds an FAA airline transport pilot certificate. He is rated to fly airplanes, helicopters, gliders and small unmanned aircraft.

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