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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Robert Pruitt
Florida Highway Patrol, FL
End of watch: 1981-07-13
Aircraft: Cessna 172-P
Trooper Robert L. Pruitt was in training as a pilot when his airplane crashed in St. John's County, while assisting in the search for two suspects wanted for breaking and entering. Corporal Cleo Tomlinson and Trooper Merle Cook were also lost in this crash. Trooper Pruitt had served the citizens of Florida, with the Florida Highway Patrol, for 5 years.

His career with FHP began April 16, 1976. He was in the 51st recruit class in Tallahassee, from June 7 to September 3, 1976. He was stationed in Pinellas Park and Fernandina Beach. At the time of his death, he was 37.

Thoughts and Memories of Robert Pruitt

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