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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Edward Moore
Ohio State Highway Patrol, OH
End of watch: 1976-07-23
Aircraft: Cessna 172
Sergeant Edward G. Moore was killed in an airplane crash while flying an air patrol in northeast Ohio. His plane went down north of Mt. Vernon and east of State Route 13 due to heavy rain, poor visibility, and strong, gusty winds.

Thoughts and Memories of Edward Moore

This was my Uncle Ed, who died when I was two years old. I have heard stories over the years of his sense of humor. He was and is well loved and missed.
Mischelle (Webb) Hodge
Ed and I were the best of friends at the time of his accident. He was flying a Cessna 172 and flew into a very severe thunderstorm, which was reported to be about 65,000 feet in height. He is sorely missed and I think of him often.
Sam Fetty


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