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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Alvaro Carvalho
Brazilian Military Police, BRA
End of watch: 2007-04-16
Aircraft: unknown helicopter
Police Captain Alvaro Jorge Carvalho, co-pilot, died when the helicopter his helicopter crashed in the mountains near Colatina City, Espiritu Santo State, southeast Brazil. Police Detective Eduardo Ponzo Peres, pilot, three doctors, and a nurse who worked in the local health ministry's organ reception department also died in the crash. The crew was transporting human transplant organs to the states capital in Vitoria.

Thoughts and Memories of Alvaro Carvalho

The memories we have do not fit here. He was a very beautiful person. A winged man who was able to combine excellency and simplicity in everything he made, plus passion. Excellency by the level of his conquests and superior capacity. Simplicity because, despite this, he continued the same modest person we love. Things seemed to be easier with him. His' day seemed to be longer than ours. He is the person I admire most in the world, and I'm very thankful to have had the chance to learn with him. Listening to him was one of the more rewarding things to do. He was my best friend. Jr. and I are as proud as possible to be his brothers. A lot of memories are appearing nowadays proceeding from various sources, with numerous histories of him. Moved people who knew and liked him want to tell us all of the good things he did. Life has less meaning without him, forever
Alberto Carvalho


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