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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Colleen Cain
U.S. Coast Guard, HI
End of watch: 1982-01-07
Aircraft: Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard
It was 4 a.m. when the helicopter lifted off from Barbers Point Air Station in torrential rains and heavy winds. They were responding to a distress call from the Pan Am, a 74-foot fishing boat that was taking on water off Maui and was in danger of sinking. By 5:15 a.m., the Coast Guard had lost radio contact with the crew. Almost nine hours later, another helicopter discovered the wreckage on a steep ridge in Moloka'I's Wailau Valley. The entire crew died in the crash. Lt. Colleen A. Cain (CG Aviator #1988), 29, of Burlington, Iowa, was the first female helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard and the first woman Coast Guard pilot killed during a rescue effort. Also killed in the crash were LCDR Horton W. Johnson (CG Aviator #1635) and AD2 David L. Thompson.

Thoughts and Memories of Colleen Cain

Colleen was my cousin, she was the oldest cousin on the Corkery side of the family. Many of my family served in the military, none were killed until Colleen.

She was the apple of my grandma's eye. She was the pride of her family. Being the oldest, she was looked up to, she was fun when it came to games and she took good care of her sister Cathleen when is mentally challenged.

We miss her and wish her career would of ended with retirement, but she choose what she wanted to do and stuck with it.

You family loves you Colleen your heroism is an example for women who want to take a path in the military. See you on the other side.

Love your family.
Connie Corkery
I was a non-rate seaman standing security watch the evening of her final flight. My recollection of the weather that night is still vivid in my mind. The winds were howling and it was pouring rain,as they taxied to the heli-pad for takeoff. I could hardly believe the crew was prepared to take their single engine helicopter offshore in these extreme conditions. The news of the crash devistated all of the station's personnel. The HH-52A helicopter was flying lower than it should have been and it impacted a cliff on Molokai. The wreckage was eventually flown back to Barbers Point, HI. for investigators to review.

The United States Coast Guard is a remarkable service because of aviators like Colleen Cain who exemplify the U.S.C.G motto, Semper Paratus.
Michael Fratta
I was Colleen's flight primary flight instructor in Training Squadron Two (VT-2) at NAS Whiting Field. She was my first student to complete training and I attended her winging ceremony where she was all smiles. She was a remarkable and talented student and a superb officer.
Captain John B. McGill USN (ret)


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