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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Robert Carson
U.S. Coast Guard, AK
End of watch: 1986-11-02
Aircraft: Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican
This crew was on a night SAR case to Old Harbor, AK in very poor weather. While circumnavigating Ugak Island, a small island with high terrain just off the main island of Kodiak, it is believed that they encountered unexpected weather in the form of heavy winds and rain. The aircraft impacted a high cliff and fell to the beach below to be consumed by a post-crash fire. The aircraft was crewed by LT Robert L. Carson, Jr., LT Michael Clement Dollahite (CG Aviator #2148), CDR David Meurice Rockmore, USPHS, ASM2 Kevin M. McCraken, AT3 William G. Kemp, and HS3 Ralph D. King.

Thoughts and Memories of Robert Carson

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