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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Trenwith Basford
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, MN
End of watch: 1977-08-25
Aircraft: unknown airplane
On August 25, 1977, Special Agents Trenwith S. Basford and Mark A. Kirkland were killed in northern Minnesota as the result of an airplane crash into Dewey Lake. SA Basford was piloting his personally owned plane, which had been approved for official use. The Agents were assisting Agents of the Duluth Resident Agency in conducting an aerial surveillance when the crash occurred. At the time of his death, SA Basford was 60 years old and had served over 35 years in the FBI. SA Kirkland was 33 years of age.

Thoughts and Memories of Trenwith Basford

Tren was my training Agent when I reported to Minneapolis FBI as a new Agent in 1968. He was truly a gentleman. He recognized my enthusiasm and was able to channel that enthusiasm into our work. He had such patience with me. I will always remember Tren.
Al Garber
It was my great privilege to work with Tren while assigned to the Minneapolis Division of the FBI, and later as Resident Agent in Sioux Falls, SD during the years 1972-74. I remember him as a consummate professional who also possessed a kind and pleasant demeanor. He was always immaculately groomed and conducted himself with quiet efficiency. Tren never failed to speak, smile, or offer assistance to the newer agents. I was shocked and saddened when I learned of his death. But true to form, he died doing his duty while helping others. What a great man he was!
Roger T. Fisher