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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Patrick Harrington
New York City Police Department, NY
End of watch: 1970-03-01
Aircraft: Bell 206A
Officer Patrick Harrington and Officer Joseph Mariconda died in an accident near Floral Park, NY.

Thoughts and Memories of Patrick Harrington

I came out of the Police Academy with Pat with the class of April 1964. We were assigned to the 105th precinct. Pat loved aviation and tried many times to get into the Aviation Unit. He rode with me in my steady radio car sector many times and it was always a pleasure to work with him. I flew with him once when he was working on his Instructors Rating. The last time I spoke with Pat, we were in the station house, late afternoon. He told me "Bob, I am going"! He finally made aviation after being bumped once or twice.

I learned of his death while I was enroute to work, on my car radio. I wrote a eulogy that was published anonymously in Spring 3100. It verbalize our collective tears.

"A star has fallen from our sky, A soft spoken lad, too young to die. Fond of flying, a lust for life, devoted father with loving wife. He worked among us quite awhile, sharing his wit and gently smile. Always first to share a joke or ease the burden of other folk. His goal in life, newly won, a policeman pilot was Harrington. Flying the skies, close to God, no more lonely streets to trod. How quickly God called him away, leaving so many things to say. Accept this boy Almighty God, the Red Baron of our squad. For those who knew him, loved this guy. The star that fell from our sky.

Eternal rest Pat.
PO Robert Conner (105th Pct-Retired)


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