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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Kevin Blount
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, CA
End of watch: 2005-07-13
Aircraft: AEC EC120
Deputy Kevin Blount was killed on July 13, 2005, while serving as observer on the Sacramento Sheriffs Departments Helicopter, Star 6. Deputy Joe Kievernagel was piloting the craft and Deputy Eric Henrikson was in the aircraft, training to be an observer. The helicopter soon responded to assist with a burglary call at a Folsom business. After clearing the call they flew over the Lake Natoma area to check on the welfare of the hundreds of people who had gathered at the lake to get relief from the intense heat being experienced in the Sacramento area.

What happened next will remain in the hearts and minds of the Sacramento Sheriffs Departments personnel forever. Star 6 developed catastrophic engine trouble. Witnesses reported that the pilot seemed to be trying in vain to control the craft. The helicopter continued out of control and crashed into the side of a hill. Deputies Joe Kievernagel and Kevin Blount were killed. Deputy Eric Henrikson was critically injured.

Deputy Kievernagel and Deputy Blount were highly regarded professionals and truly dedicated to their assignments in Air Operations.

Thoughts and Memories of Kevin Blount

Kevin was one the most upbeat guys I ever met. He always had a smile on his face. He played on our softball team and even when we were getting beat badly, he would have something upbeat and funny to say. While at Air ops, he strived to be one of the best crew members ever and succeeded. I will miss him but never forget him. RJP#420
Ron Paana
Kevin, I miss you so much. I think about you many times a day. It's said that time helps you get over the death of a loved one. It's been over two years now and the grief is as if the accident happened yesterday. Our lives will never be the same. I love you Son, Mom
Kevin was a fantastic guy. I flew with him and was his pilot/partner for the majority of his time in our unit. He was one of the few guys that I've flown with who could look up from his work in the cockpit, take a look around at the clouds, sunset, skyline, whatever and tell me that he couldn't believe that we got paid to do what we do. He truly loved being a cop in the sky, as much as I do. He couln't wait until he was assigned to fly with his old beat partner, Joe Kievernagel. I'll miss them both for a very long time. TT #658
Wm "Tory" Torrington
Kevin was my brother. IS my brother. He was the best brother, cop, friend, son, grandson, man in the world. He will be loved and missed everyday by all who knew him. Life will never be the same without him!
Laura Blount


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