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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Joseph Kievernagel
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, CA
End of watch: 2005-07-13
Aircraft: AEC EC120
Deputy Joseph M. Kievernagel was killed on July 13, 2005, while piloting the Sacramento Sheriffs Departments Helicopter, Star 6. Deputy Joe Kievernagel, Deputy Kevin Blount and Deputy Eric Henrikson took off from Mather Air Field for routine patrol of Sacramento County. They soon responded to a burglary call at a Folsom business. After they cleared the call they flew over the Lake Natoma area where hundreds of people had gathered to get relief from the intense heat being experienced in the Sacramento area. What happened next will remain in the hearts and minds of the Sheriffs Department personnel forever.

Star 6 developed catastrophic engine trouble. Witnesses reported that it seemed that Deputy Kievernagel tried in vain to control the craft, Deputy Kievernagel desperately tried to land the ship somewhere away from the crowded lake area. Star 6 crashed into a nearby hillside and rolled. Deputies Kievernagel and Blount were killed. Deputy Eric Henrikson was critically injured.

Both officers were highly regarded professionals and truly dedicated to their assignments in Air Operations.

Thoughts and Memories of Joseph Kievernagel

Joey was my 1st younger brother, he grew into a person like no other I've ever known. I don't admire many people but Joey was the 1 person I admired the most. He was an incredible son, brother, husband and friend who enjoyed flying more than anything else. He will forever be my "Hero" and he will never ever be forgotten. I miss you, and love you and you will forever be in my thoughts, I just wish we'd had more time.
Love you forever, love you for always
your "big sister"
Debora Stark (Kievernagel)
Kiev was one of the funniest guys I ever met. I dont think I ever had contact with him where he did not leave me without a good laff. Even when, as an observer, he and his pilot did an off site landing to assist me when I was fighting with a 5150. Kiev jumps out and runs up to me with his helmut on. I was so focused on the guy I had cuffed I dint notice the helo land. I said where did you come from. Kiev just pointed straight up in the air. Mebbe you had to be there. He went on to become an excellent pilot. He will be greatly missed. RJP#420
Ron Paana


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