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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Barry Wood
Baltimore Police Department, MD
End of watch: 1998-11-04
Aircraft: Schweizer S300C
Baltimore Police Officer Barry W. Wood died when his helicopter crashed while searching for a stolen vehicle. The helicopter was making a precautionary landing when it hit a light pole, then fell onto West Pratt Street and skidded through a tall iron fence. The aircraft ended up on its left side, its cockpit destroyed and its tail sticking out onto the entrance way to the B&O Railroad Museum. Officer Wood was trapped in the wreckage for several minutes before firefighters cut him out. He was transported to the hospital, but he died while undergoing surgery.

Thoughts and Memories of Barry Wood

Barry and I were classmates in the Warrant Officer Candidate Flight School Class 69-3. At Ft. Wolters, TX from June 68 thru Nov 68 & Ft. Rucker, AL from Nov 68 thru March 69. We then went to our homes with about 15 days leave after graduating as a Warrant Officers & Helicopter pilots before leaving for Vietnam. We hung out during those 9 months of training having many laughs and adventures together, while learning to fly OH-13 training helicopter & then UH1 Hueys before going to Nam. Barry was a good pilot and friend. I just located this site and the information by trying to find him thru the internet. Barry now has his true flight(angel)wings.
David Michael Wilkens