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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Dennis Laffick
Oklahoma National Guard, OK
End of watch: 1995-08-28
Aircraft: Bell OH-58A
U.S. Army Oklahoma National Guard Pilot Chief Warrant Officer Dennis H. Laffick, 49, died when his helicopter struck a power line while chasing narcotics suspects. Bureau of Indian Affairs Agent Michael Miller, 33, also died in the crash.

Thoughts and Memories of Dennis Laffick

I first met Dennis when I moved to La Grange Park, IL, in 1957. We attended the same church, St. Michael's Lutheran, and we were in the 6th grade together. I remember he gave me my first serious Valentine. We socialized through youth activities at church. While I was away at college, I heard Dennis had enlisted. When he returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam and I had graduated, I walked the dog past his house and talked to him. We dated briefly. I last saw him at our 25th reunion from Lyons Township High School in October of 1988. I knew that he had no immediate family, as they had all predeceased him. Dennis was a sweet guy and I was very saddened to hear of his death.
Alice Zahalka Ewert


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