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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
James Mattaliano
Massachusetts State Police, MA
End of watch: 1995-02-22
Aircraft: AS350
Troopers James Mattaliano and Paul A. Perry were en-route with two passengers from a heliport bound for the Massachusetts State Police station at Norwood. Some six minutes after receiving clearance from Boston ATC, at 0933 hours, the helicopter crashed into the Harvard Sailing Pavilion on the Cambridge side of the Charles River next to the MIT Sloan School. The two civilian passengers from AT&T, Arthur T. Howell and Michael McCarthy, were also killed.

Trooper Mattaliano was a member of the 65th Recruit Training Troop and a member of the State Police since 1983. He joined the Air Wing in 1989. Both his wife and brother are troopers and his father was Chief of Police in Milton. This incident marks the first time two members of the State Police were killed in the same incident.

Thoughts and Memories of James Mattaliano

I did not know James but since we have the same last name...I just felt I had to write something. James, I hope you rest in peace and please look for my dad, Vincent Mattaliano, in heaven. I just finisehd a memorial for my mom and dad, they passed 20 years ago. To the family of James, we may NOT be related but all the same, I wish you all peace and comfort.

Judi Mattaliano Salati
Jim, was my uncle. I am 12 years old. I was born February 22, 1995 nine hours before he died. My Uncle Jim was going to be my godfather and though I never knew him I miss him so much. His wife is now my godmother and as a replacement my pupa (grandfather) is my godfather. My dad is and always will be his brother and everyone misses him so much.

I Love You,
L. Mattalinao


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