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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Doyle Thorne
Utah Department of Public Safety, UT
End of watch: 1994-07-30
Aircraft: Hughes OH-6A
Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Doyle R. Thorne, 52, died July 30, 1994, while piloting a Department of Public Safety helicopter during a search for a missing girl in Duschene County. Thorne, who was alone in the helicopter, was returning to Salt Lake City when the helicopter suffered an engine failure near Strawberry Peak. Searchers found Thorne's body in the wreckage three days later.

Thoughts and Memories of Doyle Thorne

What can I say? He was my hero all my life - my father, my friend... His qualities and virtues are unparalled, and that's the reason why my firstborn was also named after him, in the hope that he will remember for whom he was named, and try to emulate his grandfather somehow...

It's been almost 15 years since he passed away, and I love him more and more as time goes by. The loss has been enormous, and it's something that no one or nothing can fill. But somehow I know that if God took him away from me, it's because he had already finished his mission in this life, to go on to fill others that He has for him.

I love you Dad and miss you so much, and I know that you know that...

Love you,
Kimberlee Thorne-Waintraub