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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Carl Talafous
U.S. Customs Service, GA
End of watch: 1993-07-14
Aircraft: Sikorsky UH-60
Pilot Carl Richard Talafous [40] died when his helicopter struck a power line over the Altamaha River while on a drug mission near Brunswick, Georgia. Pilot Alan J. Klumpp [32] , Criminal Investigator David DeLoach [31], and Special Agent William Levi De Loach [29] also died in the crash.

Thoughts and Memories of Carl Talafous

Rick and I both went to the US Air Force Academy and were stationed together at Luke AFB, AZ. He went through a lot to do what he loved... flying. Although I'd lost touch with him over the years and am saddened by his death I know he gave his life doing something he believed worthwhile.
Pete Niland
Rick was my roommate at Millard School in Bandon Oregon back in 1971/1972. He, Kim Weber, and I entered the Air Force Academy in June of 1972. I elected to leave the Academy that same year. Rick was a good friend who loved flying and I believe would od anything reasonable to achieve that ambition. He died doing what he liked and serving the country. I am proud to have known him.
Tom Inklebarger


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