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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Stephen Miller
Jefferson County Sheriffs Department, CO
End of watch: 1987-06-16
Aircraft: unknown helicopter
Deputy Sheriff Stephen Miller was the TFO in the Sheriffs Department helicopter when a call was received of a young man contemplating suicide on top of Scar Top Mountain in the rugged mountains of northwest Jefferson County. The helicopter was piloted over the rough terrain, searching for the young man when a probable down draft caused the helicopter to crash into the trees. Deputy Miller was killed in the crash, the pilot survived.

Thoughts and Memories of Stephen Miller

God bless Stephen Miller and his family for his sacrifice and dedication to service. Gone, but not forgotten...
"Small World" - Here I am sitting, talking to a fellow LAPD supervisor, and I find out that Deputy Miller assumed his duties regarding being assigned to a helicopter.

My buddy decided not to pursue a similar assignment with our Air Support Division.

Deputy Miller: May Your Soul Rest - In - Peace.
Maj M. B. Parlor

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