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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Leonard Baldy
Chicago Police Department, IL
End of watch: 1960-05-02
Aircraft: Bell helicopter
Leonard Baldy died when his aircraft crashed due to a main rotor blade malfunction. On November 24, 1958, Baldy became the first Chicago "Flying Officer," reporting traffic tie-ups and accidents from high above the city's expressways and main arteries.

Thoughts and Memories of Leonard Baldy

I did not know Officer Baldy, since he died two months before I was born. It is people like him, though, that reach for the stars and live out their dreams. I always wanted to work in law enforcement aviation, even though there was none to speak of in Chicago, IL (1983). I kept gaining education and experience in either law enforcement or aviaiton, until one day perserverance paid off. I salute Officer Baldy, and all the pioneers of law enforcement aviation who keep the dream alive. I will keep the dream alive for the next generation.
Trooper Scott Moran

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