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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Charles Bassing
Arkansas State Police, AR
End of watch: 1986-07-24
Aircraft: unknown helicopter
Criminal Investigator Bassing, Arkansas State Police, was killed on July 24, 1986, in a helicopter crash in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. He was 33 years of age at the time of his death.

Criminal Investigator Bassing was participating in a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Marijuana Eradication Spotter School, when the helicopter in which he was riding crashed shortly after taking off on a marijuana eradication mission. Officers James A. Avant and Kevin L. Brosch also died as a result of the crash. The pilot and a DEA Special Agent were also critically injured in the crash.

Criminal Investigator Bassing had been a member of the Arkansas State Police for nine months prior to his death. Criminal Investigator Bassing joined the Arkansas State Police in November 1985, and was immediately assigned to narcotics investigation. He was survived by his parents, Charlie and Doris Bassing, and his two children, Angelia Lynn and Joshua Michel.

Thoughts and Memories of Charles Bassing

Even though I never met you my husband, your son Joshua loves you very much and misses you always. I know you watch over us and our daughter Michelle. Sometimes she points to nothing at all I think that is you in some form. We all miss you and love you.
April Bassing

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