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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Stuart Searles
Sauk County Traffic Police, WI
End of watch: 1984-06-10
Aircraft: unknown helicopter
Sergeant Stuart J. Searles died when his aircraft crashed under unknown circumstances.

Thoughts and Memories of Stuart Searles

Stuart James Searles is a sometimes forgotten victim of the Barneveld, WI tornado on June 9th, 1984. Jim was to perform recovery operations after the tornado when his helicopter apparently malfunctioned and crashed. He passed from this life on June 10th, 1984. He was survived by his wife Roseanne Searles, and his children Jim and Connie.

I remember his funeral. He was a hero and had a hero's funeral. The procession was miles long. He was well liked by all who knew him. Police personnel came from all over the state to pay their respects.

The Searles lived next to my grandma in Baraboo, WI. I spent may summers playing with Stuart (Jim) Searles' children, Jim and Connie.
John Duval

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