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Fallen Heroes Details

In Memory Of
Stephen Bunker
Maryland State Police, MD
End of watch: 2008-09-27
Aircraft: Eurocopter Dauphin
Pilot Stephen H. Bunker, a retired MSP Corporal, was killed in a helicopter crash while performing a medical evacuation of two critically injured teenagers from Charles County, Maryland. During the flight, the Eurocopter Dauphin helicopter encountered severe weather while en-route to the Prince George’s Hospital Center. Pilot Bunker, diverted to Andrews Air Force Base to rendezvous with two ambulances to complete the transport of the patients. Shortly before midnight, the helicopter crashed several miles short of the runway in Walker Mill Regional Park. Pilot Bunker was 59 years of age and was appointed to the Maryland State Police as Trooper on November 30, 1972. He retired as a Corporal in July 1998 and returned to the MSP Aviation Command as a civilian pilot. Pilot Bunker is survived by his wife and three children.​

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