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APSCON 2019 | Exhibit (Sponsorship Opportunities)

Sponsoring events and providing special products for the attendees is crucial to increasing your visibility and name recognition throughout the conference and thereafter.  Repetition is key to developing your company's exposure to this industry.  Your sponsorships will automatically be recognized in all of the following promotional media:

  • APSCON 2019 Program Guide
  • Air Beat Magazine 2019 Conference Preview Issue
  • APSCON 2019 Website Event Page
  • APSCON 2019 Event Signage

Host a special event or sponsor a Conference Course and you will receive a 1/2-page, full-color advertising space in the Program Guide AND a 1/4-page, full-color advertising space in the Conference Preview Issue of Air Beat to promote your event or sponsorship.  Sponsorships must be confirmed by mid-February to be included in the Conference Preview Issue of Air Beat.  Please contact Benay, Osborne, Corporate Member Services/Operations Manager (Email: or Phone: 301-631-2406) to secure your sponsorship.


Courses are available to all APSA members for three (3) full days before the conference begins.  Held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, these courses attract unit managers, pilots, tactical flight officers, flight medics and many of the unit decision-makers that keep an air unit flying. Includes:

  • 1/4-page; full-color advertisement in the 2019 Conference Preview Issue of Air Beat magazine
  • 1/2-page; full-color advertisement in the APSCON 2019 Program Guide
  • 10 minutes to speak or present in the classroom to introduce your company
  • The opportunity to distribute handouts, promotional and/or marketing material to the attendees of the course

Conference Courses:

  • Airborne Thermographer Certification Course ... SOLD
  • Aviation SMS & Human Factors Course ... Sponsorship Available ($7500)
  • Aviation Safety Officer Course ... SOLD
  • Aviation Unit Manager Course ... SOLD
  • Fixed-Wing Operations Course ... SOLD
  • Flight Instructor Refresher/Train-the-Trainer Course ... SOLD
  • Maintenance IA Renewal Course ... SOLD
  • Remote Pilot-In-Command Course ... Sponsorship Available ($7500)
  • Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) Course ... SOLD
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Course ... SOLD

AWARD SPONSOR : $2,500/each

For over forty years, the Airborne Public Safety Association has encouraged the highest standards of professionalism in public safety aviation by acknowledging outstanding performance within our specialized profession. Annually, we recognize excellence by our members, their children and others whose actions have had a positive impact on our industry.


  • Robert Cormier Award ... SOLD
  • Captain "Gus' Crawford Memorial Aircrew of the Year Award ... SOLD
  • Technical Specialist of the Year Award ... SOLD
  • Safety Award ... SOLD
  • Fixed-Wing Operator of the Year Award ... SOLD
  • Tactical Flight Officer of the Year Award ... SOLD
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Award ... SOLD

CONFERENCE COURSE COFFEE BREAKS : $1,500/day (3-days available)

Help the conference course attendees start their day of education with a cup of joe!  Coffee/beverage service for all Conference Course attendees.


Make the first impression to the APSCON 2019 attendees by hosting the 2-hour Sneak Preview on the Exhibit Floor on Wednesday evening from 5PM - 7PM.  Co-hosting of the Sneak Preview is permitted and encouraged.


APSCON 2019 attendees and exhibitors will gather to honor our 2019 award recipients at the Awards Reception, held on Friday, July 19 from 6PM - 7PM.

EXPO BAGS : $5,500 ... SOLD

Have your company logo displayed on the official APSCON Bags, distributed to all APSCON 2019 Attendees.  Your brand will be displayed at and after the APSCON Conference & Expo.


Have your company logo displayed on the official APSCON 2019 Beverage Container, distributed to all APSCON Attendees.  Your brand will be viewed throughout the show and after, as attendees reuse this helpful item. 

EXPO POPCORN : $600/day (2 locations x 2-days available) ... 1 location SOLD; 1 location AVAILABLE

Satisfy the APSCON attendees afternoon snack attack by sponsoring the TECH TALK Popcorn stations (located next to the 'TECH TALK' Theaters).


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