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APSCON 2019 | Attend/Learn (Registration)


Advance registration is open from mid-March 2019 through June 28, 2019.  If mailing your registration, to receive the advance fee, APSA must receive the registration form postmarked no later than 5PM EST June 28, 2019 and payment MUST accompany the registration form.  Standard/In-Site registration fees will apply after June 28, 2019.

Conference Course & Expo/Conference Class Descriptions
Registration Type/Cost ADVANCE RATE
(by June 30)
(June 30 and after)
Conference COURSE (Monday-Wednesday) (Member)*/** $                            350 $                            350
Conference COURSE (Monday-Wednesday) (Non-Member) $                            450  $                            450
EXPO/Conference FULL (Thursday-Saturday) (Member) $                            175  $                            225
EXPO/Conference FULL (Thursday-Saturday) (Non-Member) $                            225  $                            275 
EXPO/Conference FULL (Thursday-Saturday) (Student)*** $                              95 $                            145
EXPO/Conference FULL (Thursday-Saturday) (Family Adult)**** $                              95 $                            145
EXPO/Conference FULL (Thursday-Saturday) (Family Child 8-18)**** $                              50 $                              75
EXPO/Conference FULL (Thursday-Saturday) (Family <8)**** No Charge No Charge
EXPO/Conference 1-Day (Member) $                              90  $                            115
EXPO/Conference 1-Day (Non-Member) $                            115  $                            140 
EXPO/Conference 1-Day (Family/Guest >8)**** $                              50 $                              75 

*APSA will provide 20 complimentary scholarships to the SMS-Human Factors course, along with full conference registration, to unit safety officers, based on the following qualifications:  If the Unit Manager has completed the Unit Manager Course (UMC) and he/she registers and
pays for the SMS-Human Factors Course, his/her Safety Officer may register with them.  The Safety Officers' tuition and conference registration will be subsidized by APSA.  (The applying safety officer must be an APSA member and the Unit Manager must have attended the UMC within the past 5 years.  This scholarship is only extended to one person per agency on a first-come, first-served basis.)

**APSA will provide 20 complimentary scholarships to the Aviation Unit Manager Course, along with full conference registration, to qualifying APSA members.  The applicant must be an APSA member, currently assigned as OIC or supervisor of a public safety aviation unit, not have previously attended the AUM Course, and the offer is extended to only one person per agency per year.  This will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

***To qualify to attend at the Full-Time Student registration fee, you must not be employed full-time in the field of Public Safety Aviation and you must be enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited, degree-granting institution.  A copy of your student ID is required with your registration form.

****To qualify to attend at the family/guest registration fee, family member/guest must not be employed in the field of public safety aviation.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  Conference Course and Conference attendees may cancel their registration(s) and receive a full refund by submitting written notice, which must be received in the APSA Home Office by June 30, 2019.  All cancellations received after this date will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

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Safety Seminars
August 27 - 29, 2019
*Please note date change
Las Vegas, NV
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September 3 - 5, 2019
Ottawa, ON Canada
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APSA Rescue Summit

January 27, 2020
Anaheim, CA
Information Coming Soon!


Remote Pilot-In-Command (RPIC) Courses


Safety Stand-Tos