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APSCON 2018 | Educational Program

APSA is pleased to offer both Conference Courses and numerous Conference Class tracks.  The content of these sessions is taught by industry experts in their respective fields. 



Conference Courses (3-Day; Monday, July 9 - Wednesday, July 11; 8AM - 5PM)

Conference Course Summaries

Airborne Thermographer Certification Course (updated 04/09/18)

Aviation Safety Management Systems & Human Factors Course (Updated 04/09/18)*

Aviation Safety Officer Course (Updated 05/23/18)

Aviation Unit Manager Course (Updated 04/09/18)**

Fixed-Wing Operations Course (Updated 04/09/18)

Flight Instructor Refresher/Train-the-Trainer Course (Updated 04/09/18)

Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) Course (Updated 04/09/18)

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Course (Updated 05/23/18)

IA Maintenance Renewal Course (Wednesday Only) (Updated 06/04/18)

*  APSA will provide 20 complimentary scholarships to the SMS-Human Factors course, along with full conference registration, to unit safety officers, based on the following qualifications:  If the Unit Manager has completed the Unit Manager Course (UMC) and he/she registers and pays for the SMS-Human Factors Course, his/her Safety Officer may register with them.  The Safety Officers' tuition and conference registration will be subsidized by APSA.  (The applying safety officer must be an APSA member and the Unit Manager must have attended the UMC within the past 5 years.  This scholarship is only extended to one person per agency on a first-come, first-served basis.)

** APSA will provide 20 complimentary scholarships to the UM Course, along with full conference registration, to qualifying APSA members.  The applicant must be an APSA member, currently assigned as OIC or supervisor of a public safety aviation unit, not have previously attended the UM Course, and the offer is extended to only one person per agency per year.  This will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Conference Classes (Thursday, July 12 - Saturday, July 14)

Conference General Sessions, Special Classes and Class Tracks will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Fourteen tracks of class topics including fixed-wing, UAS, helicopter tactics, patrol tactics, safety and SMS, and much more are available to conference attendees.  A detailed schedule is located below.

Conference Class Schedule (Updated 06/15/18)

TECH TALK Briefings Schedule


Returning again this year is Survival Systems USA, Inc. to conduct Water Egress & Survival Training.  Students will learn from a team of experts how to egress after ditching in water and how to use your emergency air and survival vest.  Equipment and techniques will be discussed in a classroom/ground school setting followed by practical application in the dunker at the Galt House Hotel pool.  There is $175.00 registration fee for members, plus a waiver form to be completed prior to training.  Note: A minimum of 20 participants must be registered by June 21, 2018 to conduct this training.

This course is scheduled for Thursday, July 12 from 9AM - 5PM (0900 - 1700) at the Galt House Hotel.  If the course attendance exceeds 20 registrants, a second day will be added on Wednesday, July 11.

Members wishing to attend the Water Egress & Survival Training must contact Tracy Whitehead directly (contact information below) to register.

Tracy Whitehead Registrar
Survival Systems USA, Inc.
144 Tower Avenue
Groton, CT    06340
Toll free: 888-386-5371
Phone: 860-405-0002 Ext. 25
Fax: 860-405-0006

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