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APSCON 2023 | TECH TALK Briefing Schedule

These 45-minute technical briefings are presented by exhibiting companies on their newest products and services available to members and attendees.  Presented by experts in the industry, these briefings are invaluable to share about the latest advancements in public safety aviation.  'TECH TALK' Briefings are held in the Exhibit Floor Theaters, located on the Exhibit Floor.  


July 20, 2023
Tech Talk Theater 1
Tech Talk Theater 2

FAA Training Update
Helicopter Institute/FAA
Presented by Randy Rowles

Leveraging Software and Peopleware for a Successful SMS
Baldwin Safety & Compliance
Presented by Jason Starke
  1200-1245  Introduction to Loft Dynamics
Loft Dynamics AG
Presented by Woody McClendon 
Interoperability: Connecting Manned & Unmanned Programs for Comprehensive Situational Awareness
DroneSense, Inc.
Presented by Sam Howell  

Aerial Firefighting Update
SEI Industries
Presented by Ryan Spilchen 

Drone Lighting Solutions
Tundra Drone
Presented by Erik Somby 
  1400-1445 Axnes PNG Wireless Intercom System
Axnes, Inc.
Presented by Brett Gardner  
The First (and Worst) Rescue Device Ever Made and All the Reasons You Shouldn't Use One
Lifesaving Systems
Presented by Mario Vittone  
  1500-1545 MD Strengthening Support for Public Safety Aviation
MD Helicopters, Inc.
Presented by Ashley Sanchez  
Aircraft Lighting Solutions for All Aircraft
Aveo Engineering LLC
Presented by Jakub Gregor  
July 21, 2023
Tech Talk Theater 1
Tech Talk Theater 2
  1100-1145 Short Haul and Fast Rope Cargo Hook Applications for Search & Rescue
Onboard Systems
Presented by Brendan Fitzpatrick
The Importance and Value of Training in a Simulator
FlightSafety International
Presented by David Harper 
  1200-1245 Corrosion Repair and Prevention
PHI MRO Services
Presented by Cory Clark 
Maintenance Support Equipment
S.A.F.E. Structure Design
Presented by Johnny Buscema 
  1300-1345 Training to Proficiency
Eurosafety International LLC
Presented by Glen White 
Fire Attack Systems
DART Aerospace
Presented by Danya Leyva




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