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APSCON 2022 | Exhibit ('TECH TALK' Briefings)

These 45-minute technical briefings are presented by exhibiting companies on their newest products and services available to members and attendees.  Presented by you, the experts in the industry, these briefings are invaluable to share about the latest advancements in public safety aviation.  'TECH TALK' Briefings are held in the Exhibit Floor Theaters, located on the Exhibit Floor.  To submit your briefing proposal, click the link below:

Click Here to Download Full Schedule with Descriptions

Submit your APSCON 2022 'TECH TALK' Briefing Request ... All Tech Talk Slots Have Now Been Secured
July 27, 2022
Tech Talk Theater 1
Tech Talk Theater 2
 1700 AeroBrigham Video  
 1800 AeroBrigham Video  
1900 AeroBrigham Video  
July 28, 2022 
Tech Talk Theater 1
Tech Talk Theater 2

NVG's Spatial Disorientation & Me
Aviation Specialties Unlimited, with AT Systems, LLC
Presented by Anthony Tsantles and Tyson Phillips

Using HUMS to Optimize Maintenance & Safety
Presented by Ronnie Ries and Josh Kethan
  1200-1245  SKYOPS.COM Safety and Compliance
Presented by Ingmar Van Leth
The Latest in Autonomous Imaging Systems for Public Safety Operations
Overwatch Imaging
Presented by Greg Denton

Longline Search and Rescue Missions
Onboard Systems
Presented by Mike Fox

Purchasing Aircraft on GSA
Davenport Aviation
Presented by Rob McMillin
  1400-1445 Airwolf STC for the Installation of True Blue Power Lithium-ion Batteries
Airwolf Aerospace, LLC
Presented by Eric Wolf and Roy Wiley
Scalable Drone Livestream & Remote Operations Solution
Motorola Solutions
Presented by Phil Cook
  1500-1545 US Drones for Aerial Situational Awareness in Law Enforcement
Presented by Scott Cullinane
The Mission Wireless Intercom System
Axnes, Inc.
Presented by Brett Gardner and Steve Mickels
July 29, 2022
Tech Talk Theater 1
Tech Talk Theater 2
  1100-1145 Lead Acid Aircraft Battery Airworthiness
Concorde Battery Corporation
Presented by Bob Burkel
Cockpit Audio Management Solutions for Airborne Law Enforcement
PS-Engineering, Inc.
Presented by Greg Ledbetter
  1200-1245 Safety and Efficiency Through Unique Ergonomic Solutions
S.A.F.E. Structure Designs
Presented by Johnny Buscema
Integrating Direction Finding with Modern Airborne Public Safety Glass Cockpits and Missions Suites
Rhotheta International, Inc.
Presented by Ventura Rigol and Michael Silva 
  1300-1345 3D Modeling Simplified
Presented by Jeff Clementi




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