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APSAC Commissioner Candidates



The Airborne Public Safety Association, Inc. is seeking qualified individuals for appointment as Commissioners to the Airborne Public Safety Accreditation Commission.

A.  Commissioner candidates shall meet the following criteria:

1.  Must be a current member in good standing in the Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA) and;
2.  Currently or previously employed by a public safety agency engaged in manned or unmanned air support operations and;
3.  Currently or previously employed on a full-time basis as one of the following:

i.    Public Safety Agency Department Head
ii.   Air Unit Commanding Officer or OIC
iii.  Air Unit Supervisor
iv.  Pilot, TFO, Aircrew member

4.  Commissioner candidates must have been engaged in public safety aviation activities in one of the requisite capacities for a period of not less than three (3) consecutive years.

B.  Commissioner candidates must be willing to meet at least twice annually, or as directed by the Commission President; and must also be willing to sign and commit to a confidentiality statement and a conflict of interest declaration.

C.  Commissioner candidates shall not be currently employed by a corporate member of APSA who maintains or has a business relationship with a potential accreditation applicant agency, or engaged in any similar activity which may constitute a conflict of interest, as determined.

D.  Commissioners shall not be compensated but will be reimbursed for expenses according to the guidelines set forth in the APSAC Policy and Procedures Manual.

E.  Commissioners shall demonstrate the following characteristics/attributes:

1.  Professionalism
2.  Confidentiality
3.  Objectivity
4.  Good interpersonal communication skills
5.  Open and friendly personality
6.  Good writing skills
7.  Accountability

D.  Interested persons may contact Dan Schwarzbach, APSA Executive Director/CEO, at 301-631-2406, e-mail,, or Don Roby, APSAC President at 717-870-9603, e-mail, for additional information. Applicants must complete the form and submit it, along with a detailed resume, to APSA Executive Director/CEO Dan Schwarzbach.




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