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APSA Safety Program Manager RFP

APSA Safety Program Manager Bryan Smith has notified APSA of his intention to resign from his position with the Association no later than the end of APSCON 2022, July 25-30, in Reno, Nevada.  Accordingly, APSA is accepting proposals from qualified candidates through May 13, 2022, for this independent contractor position.  For complete details, see the Request for Proposal below.



The Airborne Public Safety Association, Inc. (APSA), a California Public Benefit corporation, seeks proposals from individuals or entities to provide comprehensive safety programming to public safety aviation agencies, personnel and managers as part of the ongoing APSA Safety Program.

The following list of tasks describes the primary duties and responsibilities of the contracted APSA Safety Program Manager:

  • Develop an Annual Strategic Safety Plan for APSA with specific goals and objectives to be attained within the next twelve (12) months regarding aviation safety for members and their agencies.
  • Develop a network for interactive communications between APSA and its membership with specific emphasis on senior management, unit mangers and safety officers using the APSA website and other media approved by the Executive Director and/or the APSA Board of Directors.
  • Make recommendations to the Awards and Scholarships Committee for recipient(s) of the Annual Safety Award.
  • Work in concert with the APSA Training Program Manager on the presentation of safety education at APSA training events including, but not limited to, the annual conference, safety seminars, safety stand-tos and on-the-road courses with emphasis on current trends in aviation safety. Make recommendations to the APSA Training Program Manager regarding the names of qualified persons to teach on aviation safety.
  • Monitor aviation mishaps around the nation (and where possible around the world), with a special emphasis on public safety, and report findings and conclusions in an annual report to the Board of Directors of APSA through the Executive Director.
  • Attend APSA Safety Committee meetings at the annual conference and mid-year meetings when requested by the Executive Director.
  • Provide both oral and written reports to the Board of Directors, as requested, and/or through the Executive Director on all of the contractual programs described in this agreement.
  • Publish a detailed annual report to the Board on the safety program and the accomplishments of the Safety Program Manager.
  • When specifically requested by the President or Executive Director, Safety Program Manager may represent APSA at other than APSA meetings such as those conducted by HAI, IACP, NSA, FAA, IHST, AUVSI and NTSB.
  • Provide a safety column for each edition of Air Beat magazine.
  • Gather and coordinate editorial for annual Safety Issue of Air Beat magazine.
  • Publish and distribute a monthly safety newsletter to include accident reporting, safety trends, and other pertinent safety-related information.
  • Website: Act as moderator of the Safety Discussion Forum; maintain updates to the Safety Program page; and maintain updates to the Online Accident Database.
  • In concert with the APSA publications staff, design and publish a semi-annual Safety Poster.
  • Moderate APSA’s Safety Online Group bimonthly meetings.
  • Coordinate and directly manage all aspects of the fly-in and fly-out at APSCON (the APSA annual conference), to include maintaining and updating the Flight Operations Safety Guide to meet the needs of each conference location, moderate the Pilot Briefing at the local FBO, and manage aircraft flying into and out of the convention centers and ground handling of aircraft in and out of the convention centers.

Further, the Safety Program Manager shall perform such other duties and responsibilities as the Executive Director and/or APSA Board may require from time to time.

Travel Requirement

  • Safety Program Manager shall be required to travel throughout North America on a regular basis to participate in APSA training events and other conferences and meetings as requested.

APSA will provide

  • Reimbursement for travel in accordance with the APSA travel reimbursement policy.
  • All applicable material on file.
  • All audio-visual equipment.
  • All contracting and legal requirements.

Preferred Position Standards/Job Requirements

  • Background in aviation safety, including working knowledge of Aviation Safety Management Systems is required.
  • A minimum of a four-year college degree in Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Education, Communications, Aviation Administration or Aviation Science or related fields, or comparable relevant experience, is preferred.
  • Experience as a pilot-in-command in the military, public safety or civilian aviation is preferred.
  • Experience in industrial safety or governmental emergency management is preferred.

This is an independent contractor position. Individuals or entities responding to this RFP should indicate the level of compensation requested either on an hourly basis or on a fixed-rate basis to meet the level of responsibilities requested. APSA, its review committee and Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted for any reason.

Successful individual or entity will be required to enter into a formal contract with APSA, subject to the approval of the APSA Board of Directors or its designee. In addition, and if an individual, successful candidate will be required to establish a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, if corporate status does not currently exist.

If the successful candidate is currently employed by a public safety agency or in public safety aviation, concurrence with your supervisor or employer is essential

All proposals, along with a resume or curriculum vitae should be emailed to
Dan Schwarzbach, APSA Executive Director, at

The deadline for receipt of submissions is no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday, May 13, 2022.

Each applicant will be notified by 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday, May 20, 2022, if the search committee is interested in interviewing you. Interviews will take place via Zoom shortly thereafter on a date and at a time TBD. 

All questions regarding this RFP should be submitted in writing to Dan Schwarzbach at All questions regarding this RFP will be answered by email and will be available to all persons or entities submitting a response to this RFP.


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