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APSA-NIST Basic Proficiency Evaluation for Remote Pilot (BPERP) Certificate

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The Airborne Public Safety Association, in cooperation with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is pleased to offer a credential in the form of a Certificate to those individuals who successfully complete a Basic Proficiency Evaluation for Remote Pilot (BPERP) flight evaluation in accordance with the NIST Standard Test Methods for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).


To be eligible to receive an APSA-NIST BPERP Certificate, you must:

  • Successfully complete a BPERP flight evaluation administered by an APSA-approved proctor with a minimum score of 80% (or 32 in 10-minutes)
  • Apply for the APSA-NIST BPERP Certificate and pay the required fee to APSA

It's that easy!

NOTE:  Certificate is valid for two (2) years and may be renewed by simply repeating the above process.

COST:    $25.00 for APSA Members

              $75.00 for Non-APSA Members


Already an APSA member?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Want to become an APSA member to enjoy this APSA-member pricing and many other benefits?  CLICK HERE TO JOINAfter completing your membership enrollment, return to this page and CLICK HERE TO APPLY for your APSA-NIST BPERP Certificate at the APSA-member rate.

Not interested in APSA membership and just want your APSA-NIST BPERP Certificate?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Please call our office at 301-631-2406 for assistance.

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