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APSA Fallen Heroes Database


"To Serve, Save and Protect from the Air"

That is the motto of the Airborne Public Safety Association.  Throughout history, hundreds of law enforcement professionals have made the ultimate sacrifice fulfulling that mission.

This electronic memorial is our attempt to never forget those men and women who have gone 'above and beyond' the call of duty.  Below is our memorial list of fallen heroes.

Do you have more information about a fallen hero we do not have listed?  Help us maintain an accurate and fitting tribute to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Please use the link below to submit information on other fallen heroes.

To be included in this memorial, the decedent must have died as a direct result of their assignment as air crew in public safety aviation of any kind, anywhere in the world, sworn or civilian, whether or not they were members of the Airborne Public Safety Association. 

Click here to provide information on other fallen heroes.
NameEnd of WatchAgencyState/Country
Alexander, Rondal1978-07-03Oklahoma Department of Public SafetyOK
Alexander, John1981-08-03Fort Lauderdale Police DepartmentFL
Allison, Wayne1988-02-13New Mexico State PoliceNM
Almer, Paul1989-04-12Pennsylvania State PolicePA
Amberg, Larry1966-08-30Los Angeles Police DepartmentCA
Anderson, Oswald1946-11-06Renton Police DepartmentWA
Annandale, D.1969-01-07South African Police ServiceSouth Africa
Archer, Kenneth1982-02-24California Highway PatrolCA
Arvanitis, Plato1967-12-21New York City Police DepartmentNY
Ashley, Richard2002-07-17Chowan County Sheriff's OfficeNC
Avant, James1986-07-24Pulaski County Sheriff's OfficeAR
Avila, Humberto1974-10-02Mission Police DepartmentTX
Baker, Matthew1990-08-24U.S. Coast GuardPRI
Baldy, Leonard1960-05-02Chicago Police DepartmentIL
Bang, Sung Hui2000-08-17Milwaukee County Sheriff’s OfficeWI
Barajas, Jose2003-03-13Mexico Attorney GeneralMexico
Baray, Julio2007-09-24U.S. Customs & Border ProtectionTX
Barnes, Gerald1957-10-05Maricopa County Sheriff's OfficeAZ
Baruday, Bill1991-04-23Garland County Sheriff’s DepartmentAR
Basford, Trenwith1977-08-25U.S. Federal Bureau of InvestigationMN
Bassing, Charles1986-07-24Arkansas State PoliceAR
Baxter, John1985-10-02Florida Highway PatrolFL
Beers, Fred 2022-07-16Bernalillo County Sheriff's DepartmentNM
Beesley, Aaron2012-06-30Utah Highway PatrolUT
Benavides, Daniel2010-05-07California Highway PatrolCA
Bilheimer, Wayne1989-04-12Pennsylvania State PolicePA
Bishop, George1967-12-21New York City Police DepartmentNY
Bittick, Robert1994-10-11Alaska State TroopersAK
Black, William1979-07-11Virginia Beach Police DepartmentVA
Bloom, Delbert1979-06-02Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & ParksMT
Blount, Kevin2005-07-13Sacramento County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Blue, John1973-10-04U.S. Border PatrolAZ
Bockman, Ray1986-08-16Kern County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Bohlender, Charles2000-06-13Topeka Police DepartmentKS
Bohuslov, Leroy1964-03-05Alaska Department of Fish and GameAK
Bonilla-Gonzalez, Jose1993-07-26Puerto Rico Police DepartmentPR
Boone, Jack1973-02-15Columbus Police DepartmentGA
Born, Torsten2005-01-17Saxony Police DepartmentDEU
Bossen, James1982-02-05Indianapolis International Airport Police DepartmentIN
Bowman, Stephen1998-06-24U.S. Department of AgricultureTN
Box, Michael1950-08-29U.S. Border PatrolTX
Boyd, William1975-01-01Delaware State PoliceDE
Brachlin, Kurt1996-08-06Hamburg PoliceGermany
Brandt, Nicolai1996-08-06Hamburg PoliceGermany
Breceda, Lawrence1986-07-31Siskiyou County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Brennon, Bryant1995-07-21Honolulu Police DepartmentHI
Brolin, David 2012-01-17Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCAN
Brookbush, Kirk2000-01-11San Francisco Police DepartmentCA
Brosch, Kevin1986-07-24Jefferson County Sheriff’s OfficeAR
Bryant, Glover1991-11-08Okeechobee County Sheriff's DepartmentFL
Buckelew, William1954-06-23U.S. Border PatrolTX
Bunker, Stephen2008-09-27Maryland State PoliceMD
Buntrock, Samuel1974-05-29Idaho Department of Fish and GameID
Butler, George1986-12-08California Highway PatrolCA
Cain, Colleen1982-01-07U.S. Coast GuardHI
Caines, James1997-06-08U.S. Coast GuardCA
Calik, Kudret2006-07-19Antalya PoliceTUR
Capes, Gavin2001-01-26Western Australia PoliceAustralia
Carey, George1982-02-24California Highway PatrolCA
Carl, Kenneth1961-06-18U.S. Border PatrolCA
Carlos Hernndez Lpez, Fernando2006-05-30Federal Mexican PoliceMEX
Carmikle, Sgt. Monty2008-11-16Arkansas Game and Fish CommissionAK
Carson, Robert1986-11-02U.S. Coast GuardAK
Carter, James1956-06-06U.S. Border PatrolTX
Carter, Bernard1975-05-14Colorado Springs Police DepartmentCO
Carvalho, Alvaro2007-04-16Brazilian Military PoliceBRA
Carwell, Larry1984-01-09U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationMexico
Casey, Desmond1999-10-25San Jose Police DepartmentCA
Ceniceros, Jess1997-11-03Civil Air PatrolCA
Ceolin, Walter2003-01-21Ontario Ministry of ResourcesCAN
Champe, Randy1991-06-13Los Angeles Police DepartmentCA
Chester, Roy1988-10-24Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Childress, G.1996-04-04West Virginia State PoliceWV
Chirrick, Gerald1985-07-23Douglas County Sheriff’s DepartmentOR
Clabaugh, David1979-12-06Panola County Sheriff’s OfficeTX
Collins, Tom1975-10-25Ventura County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Colon Gurgos, William1993-07-26Puerto Rico Police DepartmentPR
Conners, Robert1982-12-16U.S. Federal Bureau of InvestigationOH
Cook, Merle1981-07-13Florida Highway PatrolFL
Corbell, Vernon1957-04-15Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Cormier, J.E.R.1958-01-01Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Cormier, Robert1984-07-24Dallas Police DepartmentTX
Coyle, Pat1997-02-16San Diego County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Coyour, Grant1999-06-11Minnesota Department of Natural ResourcesMN
Crane, Jeffrey1997-06-08U.S. Coast GuardCA
Danny, Commander2005-09-01West Sumatra PoliceWest Sumatra
Davis, Michael1988-10-24Riverside County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
De Loach, William1993-07-14Georgia Bureau of InvestigationsGA
De Loach, David1993-07-14Georgia Bureau of InvestigationsGA
DeMeulle, Donald1986-07-01San Bernardino County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Devos, Hedwig2003-01-10Belgian State PoliceBelgium
Dewar, David2001-01-26Western Australia PoliceAustralia
Dietsch, Lance1989-06-30Iowa State PatrolIA
Dobson, Jesse1991-08-30Florida Law Department of EnforcementFL
Dodson, Douglas1974-10-02Harlingen Police DepartmentTX
Dougherty, James2000-01-11San Francisco Police DepartmentCA
Eddy, Norman1989-05-25Fort Lauderdale Police DepartmentFL
Eichhofer, Hauptkommissar1996-08-06Hamburg PoliceGermany
Enright, Frederick1975-06-07California Highway PatrolCA
Epps, Norris1995-01-18Tampa Police DepartmentFL
Escobedo, Estevan1994-01-04Arizona Department of Game & Fish, WildlifeAZ
Everett, Donald2001-01-26Western Australia PoliceAustralia
Falivene, Eliano2007-10-16Italian State PoliceITA
Faulkner, Steve1992-12-01Kansas City Police DepartmentMO
Fernandez, Frank1994-08-27U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationPeru
Finley, Rickie1989-05-20U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationPeru
Forbes, James1974-06-21Seattle Police DepartmentWA
Friedrichsen, Bordwart1996-08-06Hamburg PoliceGermany
Futrell, A. Scott2002-07-17Charlotte-Mecklenburg PoliceNC
Gaines, Theopolis1932-01-15New York State PoliceNY
Gerling, Stanley1989-06-30Iowa State PatrolIA
Gillen, Paul1974-05-29Los Angeles Police DepartmentCA
Glenn, James1969-01-10Kansas City Police DepartmentMO
Gordon, Daryl2011-03-25Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and WildlifeME
Grant, Lou1993-11-27New Zealand Police Air Support UnitNew Zealand
Gray, Ocie1960-01-04New Mexico Department of Game & FishNM
Green, R.W.1958-01-01Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Greim, John1945-07-13Missouri State Highway PatrolMO
Grow, Gary1962-01-18California Highway PatrolCA
Guider, David1973-10-02Oakland Police DepartmentCA
Gutierrez Colon, Edgardo1993-07-26Puerto Rico Police DepartmentPR
Hackett, John1974-06-19North Carolina State Highway PatrolNC
Hagerty, John1970-03-18Florida Highway PatrolFL
Hanning, Harold1970-08-06Ohio State Highway PatrolOH
Harrington, Patrick1970-03-01New York City Police DepartmentNY
Harris, Robert1978-05-17Nassau County PoliceNY
Harrolle, Bruce2008-10-13Arizona Department of Public SafetyAZ
Harvey, Ross1993-11-27New Zealand PoliceNew Zealand
Harvey, Charles1998-06-24Tennessee National GuardTN
Hehl, Erin1997-10-30Illinois State PoliceIL
Heilman, Lloyd1973-11-01Mojave County SheriffAZ
Heimbecker, Phillip1993-06-11Woodbury County Sheriff’s OfficeIA
Hendricks, George1997-09-17Tarrant County Sheriff’s OfficeTX
Hermann, Jon1993-06-11Woodbury County Sheriff’s OfficeIA
Hernandez, Adolfo1975-06-07California Highway PatrolCA
Hill, Willard1980-04-22Robertson County Sheriff’s DepartmentTN
Holloway, Donald1980-01-03California Highway PatrolCA
Hood, Marcus1974-11-01Topeka Police DepartmentKS
Hopton, Robert1995-07-10Highlands County SheriffFL
Horton, Ted2004-05-14Franklin County SheriffNC
Howard, Frank1973-11-01Mojave County SheriffAZ
Howe, Gary1991-06-13Los Angeles Police DepartmentCA
Howey, Jeff2000-06-13Topeka Police DepartmentKS
Hughes, Tremain1932-01-15New York State PoliceNY
Ilnicki, Alex1966-08-30Los Angeles Police DepartmentCA
Jackson, Alfred1979-06-06Washington Metro Police DepartmentDC
Jameson, Brent1980-10-23Sonoma County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Jones, Francis1983-12-01Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Kaeo, Merlin1977-03-16Honolulu Police DepartmentHI
Kahakai, Douglas1995-07-21Honolulu Police DepartmentHI
Kennedy, Robert2002-07-17Boone Police DepartmentNC
Ketchum, David1987-03-10Costa Mesa Police DepartmentCA
Kievernagel, Joseph2005-07-13Sacramento County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Klumpp, Alan1993-07-14U.S. Customs ServiceGA
Knight, Virgle1985-07-23Douglas County Sheriff’s DepartmentOR
Kurelic, George1997-10-30Illinois State PoliceIL
Laffick, Dennis1995-08-28Oklahoma National GuardOK
Lane, Mike2004-09-16Beaumont PoliceTX
Leonberger, Loren2011-01-31Pima County Sheriff’s DepartmentAZ
Lewis Jr., Edwin W.2007-11-08Civil Air PatrolCA
Libolt, John1987-03-10Costa Mesa Police DepartmentCA
Liguori, Giovanni2007-10-16Italian State PoliceITA
Lippy, Mickey2008-09-27Maryland State PoliceMD
Lloyd, Hubert1992-06-07Charleston County Sheriff’s DepartmentSC
Loftus, Terrance2004-05-28U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationIL
Logasa, Charles1971-02-11San Francisco Police DepartmentCA
Lucas, Harry1984-09-12West Virginia State PoliceWV
Lunn, James1976-05-14U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationMexico
Magly, Bliss1980-10-23Sonoma County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Mariconda, Joseph1970-03-01New York City Police DepartmentNY
Marie, William1994-03-19Lake County SheriffFL
Marstrangelo, Frank1989-05-25Fort Lauderdale Police DepartmentFL
Mattaliano, James1995-02-22Massachusetts State PoliceMA
May, Gregory1986-01-19Maryland State PoliceMD
McAllister, James1986-04-18U.S. Federal Bureau of InvestigationDC
McCabe, James1978-09-01California Highway PatrolCA
McCullah, Gary1968-09-30Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
McNeff, Thomas1983-10-02Arizona Department of Public SafetyAZ
McSwenney, James1988-10-24Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Miller, Stephen1987-06-16Jefferson County Sheriff’s DepartmentCO
Miller, Michael1995-08-28Bureau of Indian AffairsOK
Mobley, Jimmy1979-07-11Virginia Beach Police DepartmentVA
Mobley, Ed2000-08-15Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Moher, Thomas1977-03-16Honolulu Police DepartmentHI
Moore, Edward1976-07-23Ohio State Highway PatrolOH
Murphy, Elvis1981-09-21Comal County Sheriff’s DepartmentTX
Murray, Raymond1970-10-09New York Environment Conservation PoliceNY
Myers, Wayne1983-12-01Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Nalley, William1992-06-07Charleston County Sheriff’s DepartmentSC
Nelson, Gary1975-08-15Anaheim Police DepartmentCA
Nelson, Russell1975-09-28Minnesota Department of Natural ResourcesMN
Nelson, Clifford1928-10-23Pima County Sheriff's DepartmentAZ
Nettell, Frederick1997-11-03Civil Air PatrolCA
Nicholson, Tim2000-08-15Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Nicolle, Joe1990-07-26Oklahoma Department of Public SafetyOK
Nieland, Allen1990-10-14Iowa State PatrolIA
Nowak, Birger1996-08-06Hamburg PoliceGermany
O'Hara, Thomas2002-12-19National Park ServiceAK
O’Donnell, Ed1941-06-26Yellowstone County Sheriff’s DepartmentMT
Oldaker, Richard1978-07-03Oklahoma Department of Public SafetyOK
Panchison, Walter1998-10-23U.S. Border PatrolWA
Park, James1974-06-19North Carolina State Highway PatrolNC
Parkerson, Donald1973-09-18Maryland State PoliceMD
Perry, Paul1995-02-22Massachusetts State PoliceMA
Peters, William Reed1954-03-06Siskiyou County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Petersen, Kenneth1981-08-03Fort Lauderdale Police DepartmentFL
Piepenbrink, Norman1964-11-30Los Angeles Police DepartmentCA
Plummer, Arthur1961-04-09Maryland State PoliceMD
Poetzman, Carey1986-01-19Maryland State PoliceMD
Pruitt, Robert1981-07-13Florida Highway PatrolFL
Raulson, Bobby1988-05-09Dale County Sheriff’s DepartmentAL
Rettberg, Thomas2000-02-11Utah Department of Public SafetyUT
Rhoden, Larry2001-10-22Polk County SheriffFL
Riley, Floyd1991-04-23Garland County Sheriff’s DepartmentAR
Rodgers, James1995-07-10Highlands County SheriffFL
Romero, Richard1988-10-24Imperial County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Ross, Stuart1998-10-10Warwickshire ConstabularyUK
Rothwell, S.S.1958-08-06Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanada
Routledge, G. A.1976-02-16South African Police ServiceSouth Africa
Rowley, James1983-07-22New York City Police DepartmentNY
Ruland, Philip2001-01-26Western Australia PoliceAustralia
Rupp, George1981-09-11Ferry County Sheriffs DepartmentWA
Sampson, Alastair1993-11-27New Zealand PoliceNew Zealand
Santiago, Jesus Fernando Quinones2010-05-05San Juan Police Department - Air UnitPRI
Schnur, Robert1968-09-30Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentCA
Schuengel, Sgt. Joseph 2010-10-15Missouri State Highway PatrolMO
Seale, Jay1994-08-27U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationPeru
Searles, Stuart1984-06-10Sauk County Sheriff's DepartmentWI
Searles, Stuart1984-06-10Sauk County Traffic PoliceWI
Severson, Alan1980-02-07Arizona Department of Game & Fish, WildlifeAZ
Shaw, Ralph1976-05-14U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationMexico
Shepley, Jack1992-12-01Kansas City Police DepartmentMO
Smith, Donald1983-07-11Oregon State PoliceOR
Smith, Thomas1997-09-17Tarrant County Sheriff’s OfficeTX
Smythe, Kelly1982-03-26Tulsa Police DepartmentOK
Snowden, Ross1974-01-17Pennsylvania State PolicePA
St. Delore, James1974-06-21Seattle Police DepartmentWA
Stahl, Louis1992-06-13U.S. Border PatrolTX
Steilen, Larry1998-09-25U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationTX
Stone, Carlen1982-12-16West Virginia State PoliceWV
Stratman, Richard1983-10-02Arizona Department of Public SafetyAZ
Strehl, Stephen1993-11-19St Louis Police DepartmentMO
Stroebel, Lt.1976-02-16South African Police ServiceSouth Africa
Sweeney, Mike1983-12-09Put in Bay Police DepartmentOH
Talafous, Carl1993-07-14U.S. Customs ServiceGA
Taylor, James1984-07-24Dallas Police DepartmentTX
Terwilliger, Ronald1985-07-23Douglas County Sheriff’s DepartmentOR
Thompson, Meredith1994-08-27U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationPeru
Thompson III, Charles A.1979-01-08Jacksonville Sheriffs OfficeFL
Thorne, Doyle1994-07-30Utah Department of Public SafetyUT
Tingwall, Sgt. Andrew F. 2009-06-11New Mexico State PoliceNM
Tomlinson, Cleo1981-07-13Florida Highway PatrolFL
Tonkin, Mark1988-10-24Orange County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Trojahn, Charles1983-07-22New York City Police DepartmentNY
Troyer, Wendell1973-10-02Oakland Police DepartmentCA
Turner, Charles1996-04-04West Virginia State PoliceWV
van Heerden, J.H.1969-01-07South African Police ServiceSouth Africa
Vars, Juan1994-08-27U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationPeru
Vaughn, Dan1976-11-19Klickitat County Sheriff’s DepartmentWA
Vlaeminck, Lieven2003-01-10Belgian State PoliceBelgium
Wallace, Frank1994-08-27U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationPeru
White, George1973-03-25U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous DrugsAZ
Whitehead, Dean1985-05-09Lansing Police DepartmentMI
Whiteman, Chance1982-03-26Tulsa Police DepartmentOK
Wilkinson, Edward1977-04-17Sonoma County Sheriff’s DepartmentCA
Wilkinson, Brian2001-10-22Polk County SheriffFL
Winn, Alan1991-08-13U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationHI
Wood, Gayle1978-09-01California Highway PatrolCA
Wood, Barry1998-11-04Baltimore Police DepartmentMD
Wright, Seth Forsen1960-10-14San Juan County Sheriff’s DepartmentUT
Zorzutti, M. O.1991-07-12Guardia de FinanzaItaly
Zylka, Ralph2000-08-17Milwaukee County Sheriff’s OfficeWI

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