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APSA Expo 2015 Exhibitors

2015 APSA Expo Exhibitors List




Company Description

135 Air Carrier Management



135 Air Carrier Management, provides a fully mobile, customizable Aviation Operations Management Solution:  Simplicity, Efficiency, and Excellence in Performance.

Ala-Carte System Features Include But Not Limited to: Fully FAA Approved; True Mobility; Operational Control Dashboard & Flight Release; Pilot Flight and Duty Time, FAA and DOT Tracking; Schedule System; Aircraft Weight & Balance and Performance System; Risk Assessment; FAA Flight Plans; Document Warehouse; Internal Communications System; Maintenance System.

Accelerated Media Technologies



Video Downlink Vehicles,  Mobile Command Centers, Public Safety Vehicles, Satillite Uplink Vehicles.

Action Aircraft



Helicopter engine (RR250) repair, overhaul and sales.




For over 30 years ADI has been providing innovative solutions for critical needs in defense of our nation.  We understand the two key factors every organization deals with today - increasing operational demand and responsibility; decreasing amounts of available resources. To answer this dilemma, ADI ISR offers high performance, affordable, easy-to-use airborne surveillance solutions. These modular, configurable systems allow customization based on mission requirement, as well as available budget.  Performance, affordability, reliability, flexibility and simplicity - these are the elements we consider for every product and solution we offer.  ADI ISR's goal is to get the best technology into the field, where it's needed, at reasonable prices ... all with outstanding customer support and training.

Advanced Composite Structures Florida



Main & tail rotor blade repair; Aircraft Composite & sheet metal component repair.

Aero Dynamix, Inc.



Aero Dynamix is the industry leader and principle innovator of integrated Night Vision Imaging System lighting solutions for civil and military aircraft. The company specializes in fully integrated cockpit modifications for night vision applications. Aero Dynamix has earned 28 multi-ship STCs on 41 different aircraft model types in addition to three EASA validations, and has completed over 600 STC cockpit upgrades. Product offerings include Edge Lit Panels, NVIS panel overlays, NVIS instrument modifications and repair, Night Vision Goggles, and NVG recertification. Aero Dynamix is a full line distributor and certified repair station for major avionics OEMs including Garmin, Honeywell, Aspen, Becker, Cobham, and others. FAA/EASA Repair Station (C73R723N/EASA.145.6260).

Aero Products Component Services, Inc.



Bell Helicopter Customer Service Facility, Bell parts, helicopter accessories, component repair & overhauls, component exchange & rentals, consignment inventory.  Live inventory search 24/7.

AeroComputers, Inc.



AeroComputers, Inc., based in Oxnard, California, has been designing, building and marketing computer systems that manage tactical operations for public use and military aviation since 1993. Currently employed by over 250 law enforcement, fire, military and other public safety agencies worldwide, AeroComputers is the industry leader in providing mission management systems that integrate high-precision GPS-based moving maps, EO/IR sensor command, video processing, and mission telemetry collection and transmission.




All-LED lighting solutions to include visible and IR landing, taxi, beacon, navigation, position and strobe for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

AeroMaritime America, Inc.



Full overhaul, repair, maintenance and field service for the Rolls-Royce model 250 series of engines.

AeroSimulators Group



AeroSimulators is a worldwide provider of flight simulation systems, electro-optic/infra-red sensor simulators and medical mission training devices. All three of these product lines can be integrated via network across multiple, geographically dispersed  sites. This innovative suite of products and services offers advanced and objective analytical tools for the evaluation of performance. AeroSimulators cost effective simulator solutions ensure that personnel are mission ready for all eventualities.




AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is a global leader in design, manufacture, and support of the world's most technologically advanced helicopters.  With over 100 years of experience, AgustaWestland provides a range of rotorcraft for ALE with unrivaled training and support solutions.

Air Bear Tactical Aircraft



At Air Bear Tactical our sights are set on providing the most advanced Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) technology, combined with the right fixed-wing platform. Our turnkey ISR platforms are designed to fit a wide range of operating budgets, and will reduce cost while increasing airborne patrol time.  At Air Bear, our mission statement is simple - To provide the very best airborne law enforcement ISR equipment, installed on a versatile, economical and practical platform.

Airbus Helicopters



Airbus Helicopters is the leading supplier of civil turbine helicopters for law enforcement in the United States. The company also produces aircraft for the U.S. Army, the Department of Homeland Security and other local, state and federal agencies. Airbus Helicopters is a subsidiary of the Airbus Group and is the largest helicopter manufacturer in the world. The companys product line represents the most cost effective, technologically-advanced helicopters in the United States serving all markets and missions.

AMPEX Data Systems Corp.



Network-based & IRIG106 Chapter 10 Solid State & Disk Instrumentation Recorders, High Definition & SD Video Airborne Recording, and IntelliBus Data Acquisition Systems.

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.



Design, manufacture and repair of aircraft communication systems, audio controllers, intercom systems, PA systems, tactical radio systems and NVG/NVIS illuminated panels. Licensed manufacturer and only supplier of many of the former NAT products.  Approved by Transport Canada and EASA.

Applied Video Imaging



Applied Video Imaging designs and manufactures advanced rugged video processing, distribution, recording, and display products for the airborne, ground, and marine surveillance markets.  AVIs products, services, and solutions optimize surveillance sensor suites, enhancing the platform and operators mission effectiveness.  For more information, visit or call 434-974-6310, toll free 855-974-6310.

ARGUS International, Inc. / PRISM



ARGUS offers global aviation solutions; subsidiaries include ARGUS PROS & PRISMS.  PROS provides safety audits including HAI accredidation, IS-BAO, ARGUS Platinum, and BARS.  PRISM offers SMS solutions, is a designated IS-BAO support services affiliate and a recognized certification consultant.

Arrow Aviation



Since 1997, Arrow Aviation has sustained our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work for commercial, offshore, corporate, emergency, medical and private aviation clients as a Bell Helicopter-Textron Customer Service Center, Airbus Helicopter Service Center, Agustawestland Service Center, Sikorsky Authorized Maintenance Center, as well as Turbomeca.

Our team of experienced, highly dedicated technicians has allowed Arrow Aviation to position itself as a fully integrated turnkey company that will meet all client requirements.

ArrowData, LLC.



ArrowData is an innovative aerospace and data services company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in persistent data collection, transmission, analytics, and distribution services. Our team of aerospace and information technology experts is committed to providing real-time critical data and video that advances our clients' ability to conduct their operations. ArrowData is actively involved in the development of next generation sensors and their integration into autonomous operations.

Avalex Technologies Corporation



Avalex Technologies Corporation is an innovative leader with almost 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rugged displays, smart displays and tablets, digital video records, cockpit management units, mission computers and mapping systems for military and law enforcement organizations around the world. Avalex has grown as a company by harnessing leading edge technologies and developing and customizing products to meet the rugged demands of our customers. Please visit us at

Aviall (A Boeing Company)



Aviall distributes aviation parts and products for more than 240 manufacturers and offers approximately 2,000,000 catalog items from 40 customer service centers located around the world. Aviall provides maintenance for aviation batteries, wheels and brakes, as well as hose assembly, kitting and paint-mixing services. The company also offers a complete set of supply chain and logistics services, including order processing, stocking and fulfillment, automated inventory management, and reverse logistics to OEMs and customers.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc.


208-426-8117 ext 5386

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU),, was established in 1995 to meet the growing demand for night vision systems within public and civil aviation operations. Since that time, we've earned a reputation as the global leader in sales, maintenance, training and cockpit modifications for advanced night vision technology serving customers with more than 2,500 aviator systems sold in the U.S.

AvidAir International



Provides Repair & Overhaul of RR250-C20/B Compressor Case Assemblies with the all new, longer lasting, AvidAir proprietary, Carbon  Fiber Composite Lining technology.

Avion Power



Avion Power develops and manufactures high-power, light-weight battery systems for government, military, industrial, and commercial customers worldwide.  The Voyager battery is a 28V/20Ah power source designed to start aircraft engines and to provide auxiliary power.  On a single charge, Voyager can start 10 or more turbine engines, power on-board electronics for an hour, or provide a combination of auxiliary power and starting power.  Voyager weighs 15 pounds, it can be recharged in-flight, and it has an integrated NATO power connector, making the battery completely cordless.  See for more information.

B&S Aircraft Parts & Accessories - AMETEK MRO Network



Maintenance Repair Overhaul facility servicing and supporting piston and turbine fixed-wing and rotor aircraft. Specializing in the repair and overhaul of injectors, inverters, fire bottles, oxygen bottles, fuel pumps, starter generators, de-ice components, pressure carburetors, and fuel flow transmitters. "Customer First" since 1965.

Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance



Baldwin Aviation offers online, affordable, flexible Safety Management Systems (SMS) for helicopters, fixed-wing, UAVs and surface.  Combining Next Generation software that allows for custom forms and real-time reporting with our staff of operational and safety experts makes SMS painless to implement or transition from an existing program.  Baldwins programs have been audited to the highest standards and provide a platform for management to make important decisions relating to the safe operation of the Unit.  Schedule a briefing and see the difference!

Becker Avionics, Inc.



For over fifty years, Becker Avionics has focused on meeting individual requirements with the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  Becker Avionics is a manufacturer and worldwide provider of the latest CNS, Intercom, SAR and ATC avionics and related equipment for commercial and military applications. For more information, contact 954.296.9100.

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.



Bell Helicopter, a wholly owned subsidiary of Textron Inc., is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military, manned and unmanned vertical-lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell's global workforce serves customers flying Bell aircraft in more than 120 countries.

Boland Communications



Manufacturer of monitors.

Bose Corporation



Bose is one of the largest and best-known audio technology developers.  In addition to home, professional, and automotive audio products, Bose manufactures communications headsets for civilian pilots and military aircrews in a variety of applications and aircraft types. Bose headsets with proprietary Acoustic Noise Cancelling® technology offer an unmatched combination of noise reduction, audio performance, and comfortable fit that remains unmatched in the industry.

Breeze-Eastern Corporation



Breeze-Eastern is the worlds only dedicated helicopter hoist and winch provider. Maintaining an unwavering focus on continually improving customer support, Breeze-Eastern is a company on the move. New, world-class facilities, next-generation products and engineering innovations, and enhanced training and support programs are all designed to support your mission.

Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.



BMS offers a full line of airborne microwave downlink equipment including both digital COFDM and analog transmitters and receivers with automatic and manual tracking antenna systems. Our mission is to be the preeminent microwave solutions provider to our customers through innovation, leading technology and reliable products. BMS has a downlink system to fit your needs.

Capewell Aerial Systems



Manufactures high quality aircrew harnesses, flotation systems, helicopter hooks and a variety of other aviation life support equipment for Airborne Law Enforcement, SAR, and Air Med platforms.  In addition to the equipment offered, we also provide inspection, repair and recertification of our products to include SEA and HEEDs.

CarteNav Solutions, Inc.



CarteNav is an international leader in sensor management software solutions for the airborne, land, and maritime environments.  CarteNav offers operationally proven sensor integration technology that dramatically improves the performance of sensor operators and tactical decision makers.  The company has a reputation for providing high-value solutions that can be deployed on a variety of platforms and mission types. CarteNavs AIMS-HD software was recently chosen by the UK National Police Air Service for installation on their helicopters.

Churchill Navigation



Churchill Navigation, the leading producer of Augmented Reality and advanced mapping systems, offers street and parcel information composited on live sensor video.  We are inventing airborne mission management and invite you to discover how simple and powerful our solutions are.

Cirrus Aircraft



General Aviation Aircraft Manufacturer.  Aircraft Product line includes the SR20, SR22, and SR22Turbo.  All aircraft come equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.




CLEANO Aviation Grade is a new, non-hazardous, biodegradable super concentrated cleaner that will not harm the environment. CLEANO is a VOC free (volatile organic compounds) cleaner that can work on virtually any surface and remove stains from mold and mildew... it literally melts grime, dirt and grease from metallic, ceramic, chrome and acrylic surfaces. JUST SPRAY & WIPE.

Cleano is LASD (retired) owned. Made in USA.

Cleano was developed to replace TOXIC CHEMICAL cleaners from across the cleaning spectrum. Gentle enough to use as a laundry detergent, yet powerful enough to remove grease stains from virtually any surface, CLEANO is the truly green option for keeping your flight equipment shining and new. Boeing Cert.#D6-17487; Mil-p-25690.




Component and integrated avionic system solutions for general aviation, air transport, and special mission applications.  Technologies include Flexcomm tactical multi-band communication systems, FM/AM radio systems, FliteLine nav/com systems, digital and analog audio management, intercoms, public address systems & loudhailers, audio-radio management systems, clocks, lights, airborne data networking systems, and rotorcraft slip rings.

Consolidated Resource Imaging



Consolidated Resource Imaging (CRI) is the world leader in Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) with over 120,000 flight hours in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) experience over the last decade.  Our commercial turn-key WAMI system, LodeStar, lets us put timely, accurate information in the hands of decision makers.  CRI provides embedded network identification, event security over watch, Pattern of Life (POL) analysis, Search and Rescue (SAR), disaster relief over watch and traffic analysis services to the commercial sector, government and law enforcement.




Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright, is an industry-leading supplier of sophisticated electronics products recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of highly engineered systems built to perform reliably in harsh conditions. We continue to lead the way in developing and marketing advanced solutions that address the rapidly evolving requirements of naval, aerospace and ground defense customers. Curtiss-Wright proudly maintains its long, historic tradition of innovation.

DAC International - A Greenwich AeroGroup Company



Avionics and Test Equipment.

Daher Socata dba Socata North America



Discover the Very Fast Turboprop world and change your flying experience to a higher level.

Dakota Air Parts Intl., Inc.



Dakota Air Parts is a global supplier of helicopter spares and components. Dakota specializes in supporting: UH-1, AH-1, OH-58, OH-6, and UH-60 military helicopters; Bell Helicopter 206, 204/205, 212, and 412; and MD Helicopters 500 series. Dakota supports turbine engines including: Honeywell T53 and T55, Rolls-Royce M250 (T63), General Electric J85, and Pratt & Whitney PT6. Dakota is a U.S. Department of State registered exporter and will purchase and trade excess property including helicopters, aircraft, turbine engines, components, and parts inventories worldwide.

Dakota Air Parts offers MRO services through its strategic alliance partner ASI Services. Founded in 1948, ASI provides repair, overhaul, and in-house test cell for the Rolls-Royce M250 turbine. ASI offers engine and module exchanges, leases, and rentals. ASI also offers component repair and overhaul services for light and medium Bell Helicopters. ASI is an FAA (TU3R88OL) and EASA (145.4086) authorized repair station.

Dallas Airmotive



Dallas Airmotive is a Rolls-Royce Authorized Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Center (AMROC) for the M250  and RR300 and a member of the M250 FIRST network. The company is also Pratt & Whitney Canada authorized for the PW200, PW210 and PT6T engines. Services include full overhaul as well as module overhaul, repair and exchange, plus accessory and component repair, overhaul and exchange. Engines are tested on-site through an OEM correlated test cell. More information is available at or 214-956-3001.

Dallas Avionics, Inc.



Sales and support of: Technisonic airborne tactical communications, analog/digital audio panels, Flightcell integrated aviation cellular and satellite communication and tracking solutions, Power Sonix airborne public address systems, Laserdyne video displays, recorders. Wholesale distributor of aircraft avionics and related test equipment.

DART Aerospace Ltd.



Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) is the leading manufacturer of mil-qualified crimp termination tools, wiring maintenance tool kits, and insertion/removal tools.  DMC also supplies backshell assembly tools, ALPHATRON wire crimp pull testers, and SAFE-T-CABLE, the time saving substitute for safety lockwire.

DART Aerospace Ltd.



DART Aerospace is a privately held aerospace company that provides industry-leading design, manufacturing and market-certified solutions for the helicopter and aerospace industry. With an impressive line-up of over 700 STCs and 5,000 products, DART offers a comprehensive portfolio of: aftermarket products, accessories, spare parts and tools for civil and military operators, all major rotorcraft OEMs, completion centers and MR&O facilities. DARTs key products include: flotation systems, landing gear, external loads, filters and more.

Detroit Aircraft Corporation


855-463-2461 x104

Distributor and Manufacturer of Unmanned Systems (Drones/sUAS) for 1st Responders.

Digital Airware



Aircraft Operational Software tailored to encompass all law enforcement tracking needs in one software solutions. Mission Reports, Flight Stats, crew currencies, risk assessments, hazard assessments, equipment, aircraft maintenance tracking, flight tracking and so much more.

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense



Donaldson's Aerospace & Defense Group is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems for the aerospace and defense industry.  Our filtration solutions protect fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, military ground vehicles, electronic equipment, space vehicles, missiles, military shipboard systems and amphibious vehicles.

Eagle Copters Ltd.



EAGLE COPTERS Ltd. is a privately held company recognized as a leader in the helicopter industry by providing sales, leasing, completions, maintenance, and product development.  Home to the Eagle Single, Eagle 407HP and Eagle Avionics, formerly Geneva Aviation. 

Eagle Copters Ltd. is a proud supporter of the airborne law enforcement community and is centrally located in North America at the 80,000 square foot extensive facility on Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Eagle Copters Ltd. - Innovative Helicopter Solutions

East/West Industries, Inc.



For over 45 years, East/West has designed and manufactured innovative, cost effective, high quality critical systems such as: aircraft seats, life support and ground support equipment for the aerospace industry.  At APSA, East/West is highlighting two of its many innovative products  our Crash-Attenuating Seats and our Master Crane®.  East/West is a woman owned small business and is a registered AS 9100 Company.

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation



Design, manufacture and logistic support of three-place turbocharged piston-powered helicopters, models F28F and 280FX; and a five-place turbine helicopter, model 480B.

EuroAvionics USA



EuroAvionics USA, a Florida-based LLC, designs, integrates and supports a high quality, cost-effective airborne mission management system that combines moving map, flight management, mission planning and safety-of-flight features in a single integrated situational awareness solution.  LCX is dedicated to the needs of military and civil end users, and the prime and sub-contractors who sell to and support them.

Flightcell International, Ltd.


+64 354 58651

Satcom, Tracking, Data, Avionics. Aircraft communication equipment, specifically satellite and cellular phone-based systems.

FlightSafety International, Inc.



FlightSafety is the premier flight training organization in the world. We provide training on more than 140 aircraft in Learning Centers the world over, and lead the world in simulator-based helicopter training. We specialize in focused learning programs on airborne law enforcement, parapublic and others that serve the public need.

FLIR Systems, Inc.



FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness. The Companys advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems are used for a wide variety of imaging, thermography, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, navigation, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) detection. Visit the Company's web site at

Floats and Fuel Cells



Floats & Fuel Cells is a FAA certified (#TH4R544M) fuel cell repair / overhaul specialty company.  Ratings for repair / overhaul of all types of fuel cells (bladder, self-seal and crash resistant) for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.  FFC manufactures new PMA fuel cells with a 2-year warranty.  FFC offers certification on life vests, life rafts and repair / overhaul to helicopter floats.  FFC Services, Inc. provides field service teams to repair / seal integral wing tanks for all aircraft models 24-hour / 7-days a week services and shipping available.  Stock of over 2,000 units available for general commercial aircraft.

Fly Boys, Inc. / Pivot Case



Manufacturer of iPad cases, designed specifically for pilots.



713 401 9673

ForeFlight is the best selling aviation app that provides planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, synthetic vision and more.

Frasca International, Inc.



Frasca International manufactures a complete line of flight simulation equipment for both fixed-wing and rotary-  aircraft. New technology including NVG and FLIR simulation and custom visual databases enhance mission training capabilities. Customers include Era Training Center, The German Police, FlightSafety, PHI, Air Logistics, Bell Helicopter, Bristow and many others.

Frederick Aero Development / Airborne Displays



Frederick Aero Development designs, manufactures and markets high-quality standard and high-definition video monitors for rugged environments.  Specializing in night vision compatible lighting with a proven track record at numerous law enforcement agencies.  Integration of video monitors to specific customer requirements.  Manufactures and markets third generation Digital Audio & Video Recorders for both standard and high-definition camera and mapping applications.

Garmin International



Garmin's aviation business segment is a leading provider of solutions to OEM, aftermarket, military and government customers. Garmin's portfolio includes navigation, communication, flight control, hazard avoidance, surveillance, and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability and value.

General Dynamics Mediaware


+ 61 2 6163 8779

Video capture and exploitation software.

Gibson & Barnes



Flight Suits, Nomex flight suits, leather jackets, Gentex helmets, Gentex helmet parts, helmet refurbishment, and headsets.

Government Capital Corporation



Government Capital Corporation is a public finance company that provides tax exempt financing to law enforcement agencies, state/local governments, school districts and other special districts nationwide with cost effective financial solutions.  Flexible financing options such as no down payment and deferred annual payment are offered to meet the individual needs of each issuer.  

Gyro-Stabilized Systems (GSS)



Ultra High Definition Airborne Surveillance Systems.

Hammonds Fuel Additives


281 999 2900

Hammonds Fuel Additives of Houston, TX is the manufacturer of Biobor JF, the worldwide standard jet fuel and diesel biocide since 1965.  Biobor JF is MIL-SPEC, IATA & FAA accepted and holds more airframe certifications and engine/turbine approvals than any additive or biocide in use today.  In addition to our additive line, Hammonds also manufactures the most widely used additive injection systems with over 10,000 units in service today.

Hangar One Avionics



Avionics repair and installation services, including custom completions for helicopter and fixed-wing operators.




Harris is a diversified, top-tier global aerospace, defense, information and technical services company that leverages a 50-year legacy of deep customer knowledge and technical expertise to deliver affordable, mission-critical solutions for global customers. We are a leader in communications, sensing and surveillance, critical networks, navigation, and information systems. Furthermore, Harris is a trusted provider of mission critical products, solutions, and services that support civil air navigation service providers (ANSP) and defense organizations globally.

Helicopter Association International



To provide its members with services that directly benefit their operations, and to advance the international helicopter community by providing programs that enhance safety, encourage professionalism and economic viability while promoting the unique contributions vertical flight offers society.

Helicopter Helmet, LLC



EVO Helicopter Helmets, life saving equipment, ALSE Repair Shop, Pilot Shop, Law Enforcement gear supplier

Helicopter Institute, Inc.



Initial and recurrent training in Bell 206 (all series), OH-58, and 407 aircraft. NVG training to include issuance of FAR 61.195 NVG Instructor endorsement. Additional course offerings to include CRM, Instrument, and other courses as required by unit leadership and instructional staff. FAA exams from PPL to ATP for all helicopter certificates and ratings. Flight Instructors exams also available.

Helicopter Maintenance Magazine



Helicopter Maintenance Magazine was launched to fill the void of helicopter maintenance-related information. There are publications available that cover operational and news aspects of helicopters, and some that touch on maintenance issues and concerns  but NONE that focus exclusively on helicopter maintenance.

Helinet Technologies, LLC



Helinet Technologies is a systems designer and integrator providing Law Enforcement with customized solutions to maximize mission success through: (1) real-time airborne video/data transmissions; (2) ground based distribution; (3) system design, engineering, and integration; and (4) training and operational support.




At Heli-One, we provide everything you need for your helicopter - complete capabilities for airframe, dynamics, engines, modifications and completions. We also provide customized nose-to-tail PBH, and currently support more than 300 helicopters worldwide.  Heli-One has facilities in: Vancouver (Canada), Stavanger (Norway), Fort Collins (USA) and Rzeszów (Poland).

We strive to be your partner by providing a single source support solution across multiple OEM platforms which optimizes safety, improves mission readiness, and reduces total cost of ownership.

Heli-Parts Nevada



Airbus Helicopter, Turbomeca and Honeywell turbine helicopter engines, parts and components, including rentals and exchanges. Exclusive US dealer for the Helisafe Flight Data Monitoring device.

HeliStream, Inc.



HeliStream's helicopter flight training school in California offers comprehensive flight training programs from Private Pilot through ATP.  HeliStream also provides initial qualification and refresher training for the AS350, EC120, MD500, MD530 and BH205, including all emergency procedures to touchdown.

HeliWagon (Spec-Ops LLC)



The HeliWagon is the most advanced mobile landing dolly in the world, enabling the pilot or ground crewman to have a 360 degree walk around visibility with 100% positive control during aircraft movement on the ground.





HEROS - Helicopter Engine Repair & Overhaul Services, Inc.



Allison 250 Engines, Bendix Fuel System, TRW and Sunstrand fuel pumps.

HNZ Topflight



Advanced operational flight training, mountain flying, vertical reference, slinging, recurrent training programs, turbine endorsement courses, float flying operations, helicopter license training, Night Ratings  and night Full On autorotations, Police Operational Flight Training, Police TFO Flight Familiarization Training & TFO Recurrent Training with their Police Pilots. All training courses available on Bell 206B, Bell 407, Bell 212, AIRBUS Helicopters AS350 and EC120B.

IMT: Integrated Microwave Technologies



Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) designs and manufactures mission-critical microwave video solutions for law enforcement, government and broadcasters worldwide.

Infrared Tools LLC



Infrared vehicle markers dramatically aid airborne law enforcement providing direction to ground resources. Markers visible to night vision and thermal imaging can help in the day and night to help identify ground resources. This lessens confusion and chaos, allowing the operation to succeed as quickly as possible. Contact us for help in marking your vehicles for easier identification.




JSSI is the largest independent provider of hourly cost maintenance programs for aircraft engines and airframes. We offer comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial tools for managing the often unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining turbine-powered aircraft, including jets, turbo-props and helicopters. JSSI serves customers globally and utilizes a worldwide team of FAA Certified technical advisors.

Kamatics RWG



With more than three decades of experience in the design and manufacture of flexible driveline couplings and engineered systems, Kamatics offers solutions to the most challenging torque transmission applications. Our proprietary KAflex® and Tufflex® coupling systems are frequently selected for critical rotating applications that demand a level of performance and safety that cannot be achieved with conventional greased coupling systems or standard flex-element couplings. Extreme torque, excessive angular misalignment, and high operating speeds are just a few of the reasons that customers turn to Kamatics Flexible Drive Systems.

Kansas Aviation of Independence, LLC



Overhaul and repair A250 and PT6T fuel controls, governors, fuel pumps, fuel heaters, AI valves, fuel nozzles and other engine accessories.




L-3 WESCAMs MX-Series is a family of all digital, full HD, single LRU systems complete with high-magnification, large-aperture optics for superior range performance. Contact WESCAM for more information on our systems image blending, MX-GEO and leading spotter technologies.



+61 418 251 526

Moving map, target acquisition & identification software solutions for special operations mission management, navigation and gyro-stabilized camera (EO/IR) integration.

MISSIONMAP specializes in integrated Moving Map for Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Emergency Management, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting and Infrastructure Surveillance.

M International, Inc.



M International, Inc. is an OEM authorized aftermarket support solutions provider for the global aerospace & defense industry. We specialize in the OEM Support of the Rolls-Royce M250 and Honeywell T53 engine platforms, offering world class service that is unmatched in the industry.  M International is your one stop solution for your aftermarket support needs. Learn how we can improve your fleet operations today!

Macro-Blue, Inc.



Design, manufacture & distribute optimized cockpit & tactical displays and surveillance mission platforms.

Mahindra Aerospace dba GippsAero Pty Ltd.



The Mahindra Airvan 8 is an eight-seat utility airplane ideal for surveillance and patrolling duties. With big cabin space, payload, loiter time and economy, the Airvan offers law enforcement organizations factory certified workstation, equipment racks and camera pod to comfortably patrol at a fraction of the operating cost of alternate platforms.

Main Line Helicopter, LLC



Manufacturer of Helicopter Handler platform type helicopter ground handling dollies since 1967. Capacities to 15,000 pounds.

MD Helicopters, Inc.



MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI), a Lynn Tilton company, is a leading manufacturer of commercial, military, law enforcement and air-rescue helicopters. The MDHI family of rotorcraft, including twin and single-engine aircraft, is world renowned for its value, versatility and performance. The innovative NOTAR system for anti-torque control with no tail rotor is used exclusively by MD Helicopters to provide safer, quieter and confined-area access capability. For more information about MDHI, visit

Meeker Aviation



Design, manufacture and sell special ops equipment specifically FLIR, Nightsun and microwave downlink mounts. Rapid door removal kit and various mission-specific equipment component sales.

Merit Apparel Co., Inc.



Gallet Flight Helmets complete with communications, NVG ready, head liners, ear cup kits, ANR, sound suppression kits, customized, and Nomex flight gloves.

MetaMAP, Inc.



MetaMAP is more than a moving map. MetaMAP incorporates local parcel mapping data, aeronautical charts, topographic maps, and aerial photography into one system. It is appropriate for aircraft, as well as vehicles and desktop computers.

Metro Aviation, Inc.



Metro Aviation, Inc., is a worldwide provider of comprehensive completion services for all helicopter model and mission types.  Metro also specializes in law enforcement completions with a 160,000 square foot main facility located in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Metro is an FAA approved repair station, approved Airbus Service Center, FAR Part 135 operator and offers educational opportunities at its state-of-the-art training center.  For additional information contact Milton Geltz, Managing Director, at 318.222.5529 or

Momentum Aviation Group



MAG is a worldwide provider of turnkey fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and unmanned aircraft services.  We provide contract aviation for law enforcement agencies worldwide to meet their training, surveillance, search, patrol support, and other operational needs.

NAASCO Northeast Corp.



NAASCO is an FAA / EASA Authorized Repair Station and PMA parts manufacturer, located on eastern Long Island, New York.  Our ETR-20 and Mercury Mod starter generator improvements changed the industry and enables us to Guarantee 1000 hours of brush life!  NAASCO is a full service accessory shop and repairs Search Lights, Power Supplies, Lighting Equipment, Voltage Regulators, Static Invertors, Electrical Actuators, and many other items.

NationAir Aviation Insurance, Inc.



NationAir, one of the countrys oldest and largest aviation insurance brokers, has been committed to law enforcement since 1978. With aviation its sole focus and professionals nationwide, NationAir combines the influence of a national brokerage and the personal attention of a local broker.

Night Flight Concepts, Inc.



Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is a comprehensive night vision technology (NVT) provider specializing in night vision goggle (NVG) for pilot and crewmember flight training, NVG service and maintenance repair, NVG maintenance technician training, and night vision program support for law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies worldwide.  For more information, please see the Night Flight Concepts, Inc. website, or via telephone at 888-632-8764.

Nightline, Inc.



Aviator's Night Vision Goggles, FAA Certified Repair Station for Aviator's Goggles. Night vision, thermal systems, lasers, tactical accessories, training, service and repair.

Paraclete Aviation Life Support



New Flight Helmets, Refurbishments, Inspections and Repair Parts.

Paradigm SRP



Paradigm SRP has developed a truly state of the art universal gyro-stabilized marksman platform known as the TALON. It is designed for precision shooting applications from moving and stationary vehicles. Devised primarily for helicopter use, it is equally capable of working from ground vehicles, sea vessels, and in static emplacements. The TALON is the only unit of its kind capable of stabilizing and removing unwanted movement, which allows unprecedented accuracy for military and law enforcement applications.

Paravion Technology, Inc.



Manufacturers of aftermarket products for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft including  airborne mapping, heating and air conditioning, FLIR mounts, searchlight mounts, snow pads, snow baffles, door openers, ground handling equipment, SAC long lines, pedal extensions, engine relight kits and blade folding kits.

Pilatus Business Aircraft



With 60 years of Swiss tradition and quality, linked to the latest aircraft technology, Pilatus can satisfy your requirements for commercial, trainer  and special-mission aircraft.  Working in conjunction with Pratt & Whitney Canada, Pilatus has more experience with single-engine turbo-propeller aircraft than any other company. Pilatus Business Aircraft is a member of the Pilatus Group.

Power Sonix, Inc.



OEM Manufacturer of lightweight, high-powered loudspeakers for law enforcement, military and SAR aircraft. Rotary- and fixed-wing systems. Designed for maximum speech intelligibility over long distances. Best tsunami alert device on earth. Saves lives every day.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.



Pratt & Whitney Canada is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines powering business, general aviation and regional aircraft and helicopters.  We back our engines with the most comprehensive service network in the industry.  Our helicopter engine support has been ranked No. 1 by operators for several years in a row.

Precision Aviation Services



Precision Aviation Services (formerly Gardner Aviation Specialist), known for over 20 years as one of the premier avionics and maintenance shops in the Southeast, is located at the Peachtree City Falcon Field Airport (KFFC). Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

Certified FAA Repair Station: G3SR222J / ESA 145-5128

24 Hour AOG Line: 404-809-1621

Precision Heliparts, Inc.



PHP is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry. With sales/service facilities in the United States and Canada, PHP uses its distinct business units and customer focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions  Aviation Supply Chain and its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul  (ISMRO®).  FAA, EASA and transport Canada approved repair stations. Unlimited accessory, unlimited instruments and Avionics Certifications.  Fixed-wing and rotorcraft support.  Offices in Atlanta, GA and Vancouver, BC.

Priority 1 Air Rescue



We focus on providing specialized helicopter rescue/special operations training, equipment and program support. Training is offered at your location or at our training facility in Mesa, AZ.   We are your one-stop SAR shop.

Pro Flight Gear, LLC



Aviation Life Support Equipment.

Pro Star Aviation, LLC



Business, Corporate and Government Aircraft Installations, Modifications & Repair Facility. Our capabilities include: Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics Installations & Service, Engineering, Special Missions/ALE, and Parts.

Professional Pilot Magazine



Professional Pilot is a monthly magazine serving operators of both rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft in corporate, charter and non-combatant government service. Recipients are pilots, executives in charge of flight departments and service activity personnel. Editorial material includes activity profiles, pilot editorials, aircraft flight checks, reader participation surveys, techniques and news.




REBTECH (REB Technologies, Inc.) provides the ultimate solution in Night Vision Goggle external and internal lighting modifications for cockpit instrumentation, panels and displays, crew stations and exterior NVG compatible illumination.  REBTECH, based in Bedford, Texas, provides customized solutions for civil and military aircraft comprising over 20 NVG STCs. For more information contact Margie Kizlinski, Sales/Program Manager, at 682.465.2443 or

Rhotheta USA



Rhotheta manufactures aviation radio direction finders and emergency beacons for law enforcement, SAR and personal safety.  The aviation direction finder RT-600 / DF-517 is capable of tracking and decoding all emergency COSPAS-SARSAT beacons as well as tracking and displaying the reply code for LoJacks theft recovery systems and tracking Electronic Tracking Systems (ETS) transmitters.  New wide band radio direction finder covers 118 MHz  470 MHz.

RMCI, Inc.



RMCI is the most experienced helicopter health monitoring team in the world.  With over 7 years of experience monitoring over 3,000 U.S. Army rotorcraft and a working knowledge of multiple vendor systems, RMCI offers a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to vehicle health management on a variety of platforms.

Robertson Fuel Systems



Crashworthy and Crash Resistant, Ballistically Tolerant and Self-self sealing auxiliary and primary fuel systems for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft

Robinson Helicopter Company


310-539-0508 ext 210

Manufacturer of Robinson R44 & R66 Police Helicopters.  Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the worlds leading manufacturer of civil helicopters.

Rotor & Wing Magazine



Rotor & Wing is indisputably the number one publication in the helicopter industry, serving readers in all aspects of civilian and military rotorcraft operation. Widely respected and international in scope, this monthly magazine is considered the "bible" of the industry and a must-read for all players in the helicopter world.

Rotorcraft Pro Media Network



Rotorcraft Professional strives to meet the information needs of pilots, maintenance technicians, owner operators and fleet owners and bring to them the latest information and technologies.



281 446 1777

Aviation Inflatables and Cylinders.

Saft America, Inc.



Saft is the premier battery supplier to the aviation industry, producing advanced technology batteries for all types of civil and military aircraft. Whether providing power for engine starting or energy for emergency back-up & auxiliary power units, and emergency systems (ejection seats & safety parachutes, smoke detectors & alarms, emergency locator transmitters), Saft batteries are unmatched for reliability and safety under all conditions.

Satcom Direct



Satcom Direct is the leading provider of satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications serving Business, Military, Government, and Heads of State aircraft.  The company is a premier Inmarsat Distribution Partner, Iridium Service Partner and ViaSat Yonders preferred reseller, supporting more than ninety percent of all corporate flight departments worldwide.  Satcom Direct continues to advance its services through mobile applications and value adds from flight deck datalink to cabin communications  making Satcom Direct the leader in aeronautical satcom service.

Seeker Aircraft


505-761-9000 ext 288

The Seeker SB7L is an extremely affordable FAA (Part 23) Certified aerial surveillance platform that offers exceptional visibility, very low total ownership costs, and mission equipment provisions for law enforcement operations.

Shreveport, LA CVB / TownePlace Suites by Marriott


318 741-9090




+1 646583-0516

Next generation online flight management, flight briefing and real time flight risk assessment.

Soloy Aviation Solutions



Soloy Aviation manufactures the turbine powered Cessna 206 Mark II.  Flown by DEA, RCMP, Costa Rica Ministry of Public Security, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife.  The Mark II features sensor wing mount, observation window, TFO station, and headliner.

Spectrolab, Inc.



Spectrolab is the leading manufacturer of high-intensity airborne Searchlight Systems.  Our Nightsun® Searchlights are recognized worldwide as invaluable equipment for nighttime operations.  We continually strive for product enhancements that improve functionality and system performance of our Nightsun® XP, SX Series Searchlights, SpectroLink, and now 3D LIDAR Camera Systems.

Spider Tracks North America Ltd.



Manufacturers of aircraft tracking and flight following systems - Iridium network, portable units, AFF approved, cloud based, innovative technologies using internal antenna. We deliver real-time tracking, messaging, 2 way text messaging, permanent data storage,  and have many fleet users worldwide.

Originally from New Zealand and now based in Boulder, Colorado.

Standard Aero, Inc.



StandardAero provides industry-leading customer service and optimal engineering solutions to meet your Rolls-Royce M250 and RR300 repair and overhaul needs. Since 1967, we have been building better engines as the worlds largest Authorized Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Center (AMROC). With this history and experience comes understanding the requirements to owning, operating, maintaining a helicopter, and becoming the best. That is why StandardAero is the trusted service partner.

Start Pac / Rotorcraft Enterprises



Manufacturer of the Start Pac line of GPU's, power supplies and portable starting units. Diesel hybrid's, lithium starting units.

Sterling Helicopter



FAA repair station PN1R406K, CSF for AgustaWestland Models A109, A119, AW139. Bell Models 206, 430, 407, OH-58, Airbus Models EC-120, AS350, AS355, MD 900, 600 and 500 Series. Rolls-Royce, Turbomeca and P&W Engine Support. Dynamic component maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Summit Aviation, A Greenwich AeroGroup Company



Summit Aviation, founded in 1960, is an FAA Part 145 approved repair station, SMTR208I.  AS9100C certified.  FAA radio class 1, 2 & 3 ratings.  Airframe class 3 rating.  Cleared, DOD approved contractor facility.  Authorized for Airbus, Bell, Cessna, Euravia, Mahindra Aerospace GippsAero, Quest and Sikorsky, as well as Avidyne, Cobham, Garmin, Honeywell, Meggit Avionics/S-Tec, Rockwell Collins, Sandel, and Universal Avionics.  Services include airframe, avionics, and engine MRO and mods, mission equipment packages, paint, field support, FBO, aircraft sales & leasing and OTC part sales.

Summit Helicopters, Inc.



Platinum level Bell Customer Service Facility and FAA Repair Station providing complete maintenance, component overhaul, spares support, comprehensive inspections, engine maintenance, avionics repair and customizing/refurbishment on Bell 204, 205, 206B/L, 407, 212, OH-58, UH-1H & Huey II.  Additionally we provide aircraft sales and marketing services to customers worldwide.

System Studies and Simulation, Inc. - S3, Inc.



Aviation training, Part 133, 135, 137.

Aviation Maintenance, Part 145

Technisonic Industries, Ltd.



Technisonic has focused its efforts on the development of aeronautical band VHF ground equipment and special mission airborne FM and audio communications systems. Technisonic is a world leader in the development of aviation-related FM communications products.

Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc.



Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc. manufactures a complete line of standard and custom replacement windows for Bell, Eurocopter, McDonnell Douglas, Robinson, and Schweizer helicopter models.

Telecommunications Technology, Inc. - Airfield Surveillance Division



TTI provides video-based airfield surveillance systems and data for airport and law enforcement intelligence needs to independently detect, classify, identify, alert and track aircraft take-off and landings.  We support Federal, State and local agencies in aviation management and protecting our borders from illicit transport of drugs, contraband and human trafficking.

Teledyne Battery Products



Teledyne Battery Products is the manufacturer of the "Gill" Aircraft battery in both dry-charged and valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) designs for piston, turbo prop, turbo jet powered fixed-wing and rotorcraft aircraft applications. Accessories include STC kits, chargers, testers and other miscellaneous battery related items.

Tempus Aircraft Sales & Service, LLC




Textron Aviation



Textron Aviation is the leading general manufacturer and home to the iconic Beechcraft and Cessna brands which account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying. Whether you need a single/twin engine piston powered aircraft, a high performance single engine turboprop Caravan, a multi-engine turboprop King Air or a turbofan Citation aircraft  Textron Aviation has an aircraft for your mission. Customers are backed by the industrys largest global service network including factory-owned, authorized and mobile service solutions. Visit

Textron Systems, Unmanned Systems



Textron Systems businesses develop and integrate products, services and support for aerospace and defense customers, as well as civil and commercial customers including those in law enforcement, security, border patrol and critical infrastructure protection around the globe. Harnessing agility and a broad base of expertise, Textron Systems innovative businesses design, manufacture, field and support comprehensive solutions that expand customer capabilities and deliver value. Textron Systems consists of its Advanced Information Solutions, Electronic Systems, Geospatial Solutions, Lycoming Engines, Marine & Land Systems, Support Solutions, TRU Simulation + Training, Unmanned Systems and Weapon & Sensor Systems businesses. More information is available at

The Artworks Unlimited, LLC



Thermal Reflective Vinyl Graphics; Police Vehicle Graphics.

Thommen Aircraft Equipment



REVUE THOMMEN AG manufactures the THOMMEN HSL 1600 helicopter searchlight as well as electronic and mechanical aircraft instruments, displays, clocks and equipment.

Trakka Corp. PTY Ltd.



Trakka searchlights are the most advanced searchlights available for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Firefighting, and Military applications. With our unique optical systems, Trakka provides a more intense and uniform beam.  This puts more energy on the target - where you need it!

Transaero, Inc.



Transaero is a proven distributor of aerospace products, serving the life support and military markets globally.  Our in-house team with years of expertise, motivation and knowledge has ensured our customers receive quality, reliability and competitive pricing, making us the leader in the industry for over 60 years.

Triumph Group, Inc.



Triumph Group, Inc. aftermarket service group serves a broad, worldwide spectrum of the aviation industry, including commercial, regional airlines and helicopters.  Triumph MRO capabilities include aircraft structures, interiors, fuel components and accessories, pneumatics, hydraulics,  instruments, avionics, searchlights, environmental systems, heat transfer, landing gear actuation and many other key accessories and components.

Turbomeca USA



Turbomeca USA provides maintenance, overhaul, and repair services for the Arriel and Arrius family of engines, modules and accessories.  In addition, Turbomeca USA assembles and sells new Turbomeca engines and serves as a factory authorized TurboSupport Center providing line and deep maintenance as well as designated parts replacement.

U.S. Department of Justice / National Law Enforcement Corrections Technology Center



Free technology support to law enforcement agencies.

Uniflight, LLC



For almost three decades, North Texas based UNIFLIGHT has earned a well-deserved reputation for the highest standards in aircraft completions, overhaul, maintenance and aircraft support.  The company has comprehensive avionics installation, repair and inspection capabilities as well as helicopter dynamic component inspection, overhaul and repair facilities.  UNIFLIGHT is an authorized service center for Airbus, AgustaWestland, and Bell Helicopter. UNIFLIGHT holds an FAA 145 Repair Station for three locations... Grand Prairie, TX; Belle Vernon, PA; and Reading, PA., with the ability to support field requirements with our cross-training team of technicians.

United Rotorcraft - An Air Methods Division



United Rotorcraft, FAA Repair Stations (Decatar/Denver), provides aircraft completions and refurbishment services, systems integration, maintenance, component overhaul, customized interior installations, and unsurpassed exterior finishing servicing all segments of the helicopter industry including Law Enforcement, Air Medical, Special Mission, Corporate, and Utility.  We also offer FAA approved NVG compatible lighting systems for many model helicopters. United Rotorcraft is a DOD approved contractor, Eurocopter, MD Helicopter, and Bell Helicopter approved vendor.

US Customs & Border Protection - Office of Air & Marine



Federal Law Enforcement. Border Security Mission.

UTC Aerospace Systems



Goodrich Corporation is now UTC Aerospace Systems - Leading provider of rescue hoists for search and rescue, government and military helicopters.

UTC Aerospace Systems / Cloud Cap Technology



Cloud Cap Technology is proud to support the airborne law enforcement community with a complete line of small, affordable, stabilized cameras.

Vector Aerospace - Helicopter Services North America



Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services  North America holds major OEM licenses for Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, General Electric, Turbomeca, Sikorsky and Airbus Helicopters. Our capabilities include MRO support for engines, components, avionics, airframes, parts fabrication and accessories.

Vertical Magazine



VERTICAL is only helicopter magazine dedicated to providing comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the entire helicopter industry.

Viewpoint Systems



ViewPoint Systems designs and manufactures a wide range of rugged, sunlight readable, flat panel monitors.   We differentiate ourselves from the competition by focusing on reliability and leading edge optical performance.  All of our displays are backed with a comprehensive two year warranty.  Please visit our website at




Microwave video downlink systems, transmitters, receivers and antennas for surveillance and SAR.  GPS autotrack airborne and receive antennas.  Portable and fixed microwave systems.

Williams & Williams, Inc.



Custom embroidered flightsuit name tags, caps, shirts, emblems and 3M reflective lettering.

Wysong Enterprises, Inc.



Designs specialty avionics including ENG, EMS, Law Enforcement, security and entertainment systems. Total aircraft refurbishment and full aircraft completions including paint, avionics, interior and maintenance. Certified FAA repair station.