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More Agency Press Releases

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Date Title
11/28/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Sikorsky Helicopters
11/24/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Agusta Helicopters
11/20/2017   FAA Adds UAS Integration Pilot Program Webinars
11/19/2017   Sheriff's Air Rescue 06 and Patrol Helicopter, 40-King-4, were Requested to Assist a Hiker
11/6/2017   FAA Releases Details on Participating in UAS Integration Pilot Program
11/6/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Airbus Helicopters
11/6/2017   U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao Launches Drone Integration Pilot Program
11/2/2017   FAA Issues SAIB for Multiple Bell Helicopters
10/13/2017   FAA Issues Bulletin for Inlet Barrier Filter Systems on Multiple Aircraft
10/10/2017   NTSB Issues Safety Alert - Flight Hemet Cords Can Impede Egress
10/10/2017   FAA Issues Bulletin for Multiple Schweizer Aircraft
9/20/2017   Fresno (CA) PD Seeks Aviation Mechanic
9/20/2017   FAA Planning a Series of UAS Informational Webinars for Public Safety
9/8/2017   Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Air Support Unit Receives Recognition
9/8/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Agusta Helicopters
8/24/2017   FAA Issues SAIB for Rotorcraft/Eurocopter France AS-350B3
8/21/2017   FAA Issues AD for MD900 Helicopters
8/17/2017   Wichita Police Selling MD500
8/10/2017   Robert L. Sumwalt III, Becomes 14th NTSB Chairman
8/1/2017   FAA Issues AD for Agusta S.p.A. Helicopters
7/20/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Bell Helicopters
7/11/2017   Broward County Sheriff's Office Seeking Deputy Sheriff/Helicopter Pilot
7/11/2017   DHS Offers Free Webinar on UAS Laws in the U.S
6/22/2017   FAA Issues AD for Bell 429 Helicopters
6/22/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Airbus Helicopters
6/21/2017   FAA Establishes Drone I.D. Rulemaking Committee
6/11/2017   Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Finds Missing Hiker
6/6/2017   FAA Issues for AD for NavWorx ADS-B Units for Multiple Aircraft
5/20/2017   CMPD's Phillip Hollifield Receives Master Pilot Award
5/15/2017   FAA Issues AD for Airbus EC120B Helicopter
5/13/2017   CHP Helicopter Rescues a Man from a Pacifica Cliff
5/13/2017   Dutch Police ASU 2016 Overview
5/13/2017   NTSB Conducts Helicopter Accident Investigation Course
4/10/2017   Tampa Police Aviation Host Annual Safety Stand Down
4/10/2017   FAA Issues AD for Bell 429 Helicopters
4/7/2017   FAA Issues AD for Airbus MBB-BK 117 D-2 Helicopters
3/31/2017   Vice Chairman Designated at NTSB
3/27/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Sikorsky Helicopters
3/15/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Small Airplanes
3/10/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Bell Helicopters
3/10/2017   Twirly Birds Announce Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas
3/10/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Pilatus Aircraft
3/1/2017   Eagle One: Rescue and Recovery of Air Florida Flight 90
2/12/2017   San Bernardino County Performs Hoist Rescue
2/11/2017   CHP Helicopter Performs Hoist Rescue
1/25/2017   CHP Helicopter Crews Perform Two Hoist Rescues in One Day
1/11/2017   CHP Helicopter Rescues a Man In a Vehicle from a Pacifica Cliff
1/5/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Robinson Helicopters
1/5/2017   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Pilatus Aircraft
12/29/2016   FAA Issues AD for AS350B3 and EC130B4 Helicopters
12/27/2016   FAA Issues AD for Multiple Airbus Helicopter Models
12/27/2016   FAA Issues AD for AB139 & AW139 Helicopters
12/21/2016   Ohio State Highway Patrol to Host UAS Seminar
12/21/2016   Aviation Unit Returns to the Department of Natural Resources
11/5/2016   CHP Helicopter Along with Southern Marin Fire Rescue 2 People and their Dog
10/15/2016   CHP Helicopter Rescues Two Boaters after their Boat Sinks
8/29/2016   Mono County Search & Rescue -Helicopter Hoist at Shadow Lake
8/29/2016   Aviation Weather Advisory Circular Updated for the Modern World
8/29/2016   FAA Releases UAS Pilot Test Prep Materials
8/15/2016   Orange County Sheriff's Office Adds New Helicopter
7/30/2016   NTSB Offers Basic Aircraft Accident Investigation Course
7/24/2016   CHP Helicopter Rescues Three Young Adults Trapped by the Tide
7/24/2016   CHP Helicopter Hoist Rescue of Teenage Fall Victim
7/22/2016   Fresno PD Hiring Aviation Mechanic
6/20/2016   Missing Boaters on Lake Sonoma
6/1/2016   NTSB Helicopter Accident Investigation Course
6/1/2016   IACP Accepting Nominations for Police Aviation Awards Until June 30, 2016
5/29/2016   NTSB - Helicopter Accident Investigation Course
5/29/2016   CHP Helicopter Teams Up with Oakland Fire to Rescue Teens
5/12/2016   Joint Aviation Unit (FL) Celebrates 20 Years
5/12/2016   San Bernardino County SD Helicopter Resuce
5/10/2016   PSAAC Updates Standards and Accreditation Fees
4/20/2016   NTSB Offers Helicopter Accident Investigation Course
4/19/2016   Northeast Region Unmanned Aircraft Systems Unit Receives FAA Authorization for Nationwide Flights
4/19/2016   Clark County Fire Department Receives FAA Blanket Authorization for Public Safety Drone Flights
4/18/2016   CHP Helicopter Performs Hoist Rescue in Annadel State Park
4/8/2016   CHP Helicopter Performs Hoist Rescue At Point Bonita
4/6/2016   CHP Helicopter Assists with Search and Rescue of Hiker who Fell off Cliff
4/1/2016   FAA Hosts UAS Symposium
3/31/2016   King County Sheriff's Office ASU Hosts 25th Anniversary Open House
3/31/2016   San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Helicopter Rescue at Sawpit Canyon
3/9/2016   City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Dept. Seeks Helicopter Mechanic
3/8/2016   FAA Releases LE Guidance for Laser Strikes on Aircraft
3/8/2016   CHP Helicopter Rescues Man Stranded Overnight on Cliffside at Rodeo Beach
3/3/2016   DHS Partners to Offer UAS Webinar Series
2/14/2016   Northwest Regional Aviation Conducts Air Operations Branch Training
2/10/2016   Tulare County Sheriff's Pilot and Deputy Die in Plane Crash
2/3/2016   FSO Helicopter EAGLE One Almost Hits Drone / Image
12/17/2015   FAA Issues Fact Sheet on State and Local UAS Laws
12/14/2015   FAA Announces Small UAS Registration Rule
12/13/2015   CHP Helicopter has to Take Evasive Action to Avoid Drone
12/12/2015   Ontario Police Air Support Unit is Celebrating it's 25th year
12/1/2015   Las Vegas Metro Police Department Seeks Aviation Unit Administrator
11/20/2015   Know Before You Fly - Flying Safely / Image
11/15/2015   NSA Launches Campaign to Stop White House From Implementing Ban on Excess Equipment – Sign the Petition
11/14/2015   CHP Helicopter Rescue on Martin Coast / Image / Image
11/5/2015   FAA Focuses on Helicopter Safety
10/21/2015   Abigail Snipes Takes Flight with San Bernardino County Sheriff
10/7/2015   Maryland State Police Helicopter Rescues Victim in Garrett County
10/3/2015   CHP Helicopter Rescues Two Boaters on 10 Mile Beach / Image
9/28/2015   Snohomish County SO Releases Night Rescue Tips
9/23/2015   Motorcyclist Leads CHP on Multi-County Pursuit
9/14/2015   NTSB Offers Accident Site Photography Course
9/11/2015   NTSB Clarifies Definition of "Unmanned Aircraft Accident"
9/8/2015   NTSB to Hold Forum on Inflight Loss of Control
9/4/2015   Trooper Receives Cormier Award
9/3/2015 FAA Seeks Comments on NVG TSO Update
9/3/2015 FAA Releases Beta Version of UAS App
9/3/2015 FAA Selects New Unmanned Aircraft Executives
8/27/2015 NAASIC Hosts UAS Search & Rescue Symposium
8/20/2015 DNR Enforcement Retrofits Existing Aircraft for Work on State Waters
9/1/2015 Maryland State Police Request Donations for Trooper 2 Memorial
8/4/2015 CHP Helicopter Hoist Rescue of Injured Mountain Biker / Image
7/29/2015 FAA: Wildfires and Drones Don’t Mix
7/29/2015 DLA LESO Announces 5 Raytheon King Air B300s Coming Available
7/1/2015 Snohomish County Sheriff's Office Helicopter Rescue
5/28/2015 Minnesota DNR and National Guard Combat Wildfires
6/23/2015 CHP Helicopter Rescues Man Stranded in Boat Off Gerstle Cove
6/20/2015 Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Helicopter, Henry-1, Rescues Stranded Boaters
6/8/2015 Tampa PD Aviation Unit Conducts Safety Down Day
6/4/2015 NTSB New Web Link to UPS 1354 Video
5/30/2015 MD State Police Helicopter Performs Hoist Rescue in Wicomico County
5/30/2015 NTSB Safety Alert Urges Pilots to ‘See and Be Seen’ in the Air
3/16/2015 Canadian Groups Host Public Safety UAS Workshop
5/4/2015 CHP Helicopter, Southern Marin Co. Fire, National Parks Service Rescue Woman Swept to Sea
5/5/2015 NTSB Offers Helicopter Accident Investigation Course
4/29/2015 Memorial Services for Travis County STAR Flight Nurse Kristin McLain this Friday
4/13/2015 Sonoma Sheriff's Helicopter Henry1 Assists Sea Ranch Fire Department with Bluff Rescue
4/13/2015 Coast Guard Helicopter Crew Uses Rotor Wash to Assist 2 Fishermen
4/7/2015 Placer County (CA) Sheriff's Helicopter for Sale / Transfer
4/3/2015 PCSO Responding to an Increased Number of Search and Rescue Calls in 2015 (Image)
3/31/2015 CHP Helicopter performs hoist rescue east of Skyline Park (Image)
3/29/2015 CHP Helicopter Conducts Third Hoist Rescue in 24 Hours (Image)
3/29/2015 Napa-Based CHP Helicopter Performs Hoist Rescue of Injured Hiker
3/18/2015 CHP Helicopter Assists With Search and Rescue of Kayaker at Dillon Beach
2/28/2015 CHP Helicopter Conducts Hoist Rescue of a Severely Injured Hiker
2//28/2015 CHP Helicopter Rescues Two Hikers Stuck on a Cliff Near Point Bonita
2/17/2015 CHP Helicopter Performs Hoist Rescue of Injured Jogger at Skyline Park
2/17/2015 Injured Horseback Rider Transported to Hospital by CHP Helicopter
2/6/2015 APSA Accepting Award Nominations and Scholarship Applications
2/1/2015 CHP Helicopter Participates in Critical Incident Training Event
01/5/2015 CHP Aircraft Rescue Man After Fall From Cliff
12/3/2014 CHP H-30 Rescues Injured Woman at Bodega Bay (Carmet Beach)
11/18/2014 NTSB Remands Administrator v. Pirker Case Back to ALJ for Further Review
11/17/2014 CHP Helicopter Rescues Hiker Near Monticello Dam
11/5/2014 NTSB Synopsis of NTSB Alaska DPS Accident Hearing, Including Recommendations
11/5/2014 Alaska State Troopers Helicopter Crash Caused by Flight Into Bad Weather and Department’s “Punitive Culture”
10/31/2014 NTSB To Meet on Alaska State Troopers Helicopter Crash
10/9/2014 NTSB Presents Safety Seminar on Technically Advanced Aircraft
10/8/2014 NTSB Course - Accident Site Photography
10/6/2014 Minnesota DNR Enforcement Names New Chief Pilot
9/22/2014 CHP Helicopter Rescues Injured ATV Rider Near Mount Vaca
9/15/2014 NTSB Releases Preliminary Aviation Statistics for 2013
9/15/2014 NTSB Releases Agenda for Flight Data and Locator Forum
8/13/2014 CHP Locates and Transports Accidental Shooting Victim
8/13/2014 CHP Locates and Rescues Lost Mountain Biker
8/12/2014 NTSB Solicits Public Comments on its Proposed Rulemaking to Update Investigation Procedures
8/6/2014 Production Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) for OH-58A/C Aircraft
7/30/2014 CHP Helicopter Rescues Hikers In Distress Near Lake Berryessa
7/29/2014 Video of CHP Rescue in Marin County
7/26/2014 CHP Helicopter Rescues Two Juveniles in Marin County From Cliff Face
6/17/2014 County of Santa Barbara Invites Applications for the Position of Aircraft Mechanic
6/13/2014   NTSB Helicopter Accident Investigation Course
6/13/2014 Ontario (CA) Police Air Support Unit Recognized
6/11/2014 NOTAMs Issued for Anaheim, Laguna Beach and Palm Springs.
5/28/2014 CHP Helicopter Rescues 15 year-old Boy from Putah Creek
5/27/2014 Pennsylvania State Police Locates Shooting Suspects
5/14/2014 Napa Based CHP Helicopter Rescues Second Person Today
5/7/2014 CHP Helicopter Rescues Lost Hiker
5/7/2014 NTSB Recommends FAA, National Weather Service Improve Weather Forecast to Pilots
5/5/2014 Santa Barbara County (CA) Sheriff's Office Hiring Aircraft Mechanic
4/3/2014 Northwest Regional Aviation Responds to Disaster in Washington State
4/2/2014 NTSB Training Center Offers New Helicopter Accident Investigation Course


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