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Accreditation Overview

Air Unit Accreditation and Standards Compliance

APSAC Announces publication of sUnmanned Aerial Systems Standards

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airborne public safety accreditation commission (apsac)

The AIRBORNE PUBLIC SAFETY ACCREDITATION COMMISSION (APSAC) is an entity within the Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA) that provides, develops, and maintains standards of accreditation for operations performed by public safety aviation units and offers auditing, consulting, and accreditation services to public safety aviation operations in accordance with those standards.\


The Accreditation Services provided are intended not only as a means of evaluation, but also to encourage safe, efficient and accident free aviation operations in support of public safety missions. The overall program is designed to objectively evaluate and certify a unit’s compliance with the Standards as developed by APSAC and adopted by APSA as best practice standards. The Commission recognizes and accepts its responsibility to fairly review and evaluate the relevancy and applicability of the standards as they apply to each unit evaluated.


  • Recognized in the industry as a public safety aviation unit that is a “cut above the rest”
  • Enhance overall safety and efficiency of aviation operation
  • Provide greater accountability and credibility within the unit of government
  • Potential of reduced insurance liability costs
  • Stronger support from elected officials within the unit of government


Click HERE for a list of current agencies that have completed the APSAC accreditation process. 


Contact APSAC to learn more about our public safety aviation accreditation process.