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2020 Flight Instructor Refresher Course | Online

This course is FAA approved Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC). All of the training will be provided by a team of professional instructors from Helicopter Institute Inc. located in Fort Worth, Texas. The FIRC course is designed for flight instructors who wish to renew their current Flight Instructor Certificates under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61, while honing their knowledge and skill with the latest developments in standards, regulations and helicopter flight instructional techniques. 
Maximum Enrollment:  23


Monday, July 20 - Tuesday, July 21 // 1000 - 1900 Daily (CDT)



Button Click Here to Register

Registration Cost: $250 (Member) / $350 (Non-Member)

Educational Agenda | 2020 Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Please call our office at 301-631-2406 for assistance.  All attendees must be registered to participate.

If you are not a member, but would like to join our association and secure the member registration rates, visit our membership page.


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Randy Rowles
Chief Instructor, Helicopter Institute, Inc.

David Callen
Instructor, SR3 Rescue Concepts

Michael Hume
Asst Chief Instructor, Helicopter Institute, Inc.

Nick Lapppos
Instructor, Sikorsky Aircraft

David Oglesbee
Instructor, DLO and Associates

Eugene Reynolds
Instructor, Life Flight Network

Nate Risenhoover
Instructor, Helicopter Institute, Inc.

Ray Schumacher
Instructor, Helicopter Institute, Inc.

Bryan Smith
Pinellas County (FL) Sheriff's Office Flight Unit / APSA Safety Program Manager

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