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1999 Award Winners & Scholarship Recipients



Robert L. Cormier Memorial Award

Sponsored by Bell Helicopter Textron

CHARLES D. PERRIGUEY, JR. | Los Angeles Police Department


Capt. 'Gus' Crawford Air Crew of the Year Award

Sponsored by American Eurocopter

BOYD CLINES | Georgia Department of Natural Resources

LARRY ROGERS | Georgia Department of Natural Resources


Technical Specialist of the Year Award

Sponsored by American Eurocopter

RICARDO LEMOS | San Diego Police Department

JON MCCLURE | San Diego Police Department





APSA Eastern Region Scholarship



APSA Northeast Region Scholarship

TONI SUSI | daughter of Michael Susi


APSA North Central Scholarship

REBECCA COLLINS | daughter of James Collins


APSA South Region Scholarship

ALICIA DIANNE JOHNSON | daughter of David Johnson


APSA Western Region Scholarship

LORI SHELIHAMMER | daughter of Jon Shelihammer

SARAH ANN SOMERS | daughter of Peter Raymond Somers


Norm Jacobson Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by MD Helicopters

SARA RATHBUN | daughter of David Rathbun

ABBY RENEE SMITH | daughter of Timothy Smith


ACRO Aerospace Scholarship

Sponsored by ACRO Aerospace

NINI DIGREGORIO | daughter of Tony DiGregorio

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December 17-19, 2018
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APSA Rescue Summit

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March 4, 2019
Atlanta, GA
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